How To Release The Genius Within You To Rid Yourself Of Pain, Restore Normal Function, And Live A Life Of Vibrant Health And Vitality

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This thin volume presents a clear, easy to understand explanation of one of our most important, yet little known senses and the vast network of tiny organs that transmit it. "Nociception" may not become a household word like "sight" or "hearing" any time soon, but one can argue that it is more important to our survival. As Dr. Galzarano points out, nociceptors trigger our bodies' self-defense system against attack. In an instant, we are awake, alert, physically prepared to fight or run, aware of any injuries, and full of powerful emotions like fear and rage.
Although this primal system still performs its necessary function in our modern world, it can also be triggered by stressors that have more to do with sedentary lifestyles than with life or death situations. How To Release The Genius Within You describes these stressors, how they trigger the defense system and the deleterious effects this has on our health, vitality, and ability to function without pain; as well how it causes premature degeneration of our joints, particularly the joints of the neck and back.
Dr. Galzarano has been practicing chiropractic for close to 35 years. How To Release The Genius Within You not only gives a fresh insight into the connection between pain, insomnia, fatigue, lowered immunity to disease, and uncontrollable negative emotions, but also explains the remarkable results that chiropractic patients have been experiencing since the birth of the profession in 1895 in a way that leaves behind old explanations and is in accord with the latest scientific research.
If you are considering chiropractic care, the four pages starting with “Here Is What To Look For When You Go to A Chiropractor….” can save you hundreds of dollars, weeks of pain, and help you to avoid frustration that could cause you to turn away from chiropractic care altogether and miss the chance to correct the underlying cause of your problem and avoid more serious problems down the road.
The book ends on a very positive note with the Big Idea that has guided chiropractors for the past 120 years: “Over the past 35 years I have had the pleasure and the privilege of helping a few thousand people out of pain and back to living productive, enjoyable lives…….This is not because I am a genius. It is because each and every one of us has a genius within which is always striving to be as healthy and energetic as possible. Chiropractors work to help your inner genius express itself.”
By the time you finish reading this short eBook, you will know more about your pain or unexplained, chronic ill health and what to do about it than your primary physician, medical specialist, physical therapist, and maybe even your chiropractor. You will know how to release the genius within you.

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November 1
Anthony Galzarano
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