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Have you ever wondered what debt consolidators do to restore your credit? This book offers you a step by step analysis in how to dispute your debts based on Title 15 section 1666 of the United States Code which enables you to enforce lenders to prove your indebtedness by a variety of information. You will learn what debt consolidators have been doing for years and you will be able to restore your credit and boost your score within 180 days to a year without filing bankruptcy or paying high interest rates to debt consolidators who do no more for you than you will find in this book.
You will be able to stop debt collectors from demanding payment to lenders and you will be provided with the steps to litigate against creditors who make unauthorized inquiries into your credit report without your permission. Damages against debt collectors and creditors who cannot validate your debt based on Title 15 section 1666 can mean thousands of dollars for you and lead you toward financial freedom. .
By performing these tasks, you will be able to obtain a credit report and restore your credit quick and easy from your own home and finance the car and home of your dreams. This information is provided for the public for the first time and now you you will be able to raise your score and establish an elusive credit history.
What debt collectors will hate for you to know. Your self Help guide to restoring your credit.

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September 19
Robert Boyd
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