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FACT: You don't know how to sell and you don't even know it!

If you believe a hungry crowd will rush to buy anything you sell, you're dead wrong. Truth is, you need to influence your clients using proven scientific principles of sales psychology... secret techniques for convincing consumers that bypass the BS radar of the buying public. Used ethically, these skills will prompt even the most skeptical buyer to spend enormous amounts of money on autopilot.

What are these secrets? Do they always work? 

Prepare yourself for immediate results as international sales expert Paul Democritou teaches you everything you need to shatter your perceived ceilings... and magically increase your sales, whatever you're selling.

In just 108 pages Democritou reveals dozens of sales secrets, amassed during his 25+ years in sales including

* The 3 Main Reasons You Suck at Sales? - Fix these to leave your competition lying in the dust wondering what hit them  

* The 7 Habits You Must Adopt to Become a Master Closer - If you don't do these, to fail

* How to Get Your Audience's A-List Attention - Hit their hot buttons and watch them beg to buy what you offer

* NEW: The Secret Handshake Even The Pros Don't Know - It's not the tired old /

* How To Make People Like You - Especially if they don't!

* Fifteen Closes That Will 10x Your Income - (Yes, it's possible)

* The Triple Whammy of Closes - Used properly, they're almost guaranteed to work every time

* And Much More

 "Get your copy now and watch your sales and income increase today."

WARNING: If you don't learn and use these powerful psychological techniques to your advantage your competition will

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February 5
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