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How to setup a bass guitar describes in detail how you can make adjustments to your instrument so that it both plays well and sounds good. How to setup a bass guitar shows you how to do your own bass guitar maintenance so that it is always working at its best.

Most people just put up with the way their instrument is set up when they first get it, either because they can't afford a professional set up or just don't know how to do it themselves.

You don't need any specialised tools because it can all be done using normal screwdrivers, wire snips and the allen keys that came with your bass guitar. You don't even need an electronic tuner, although it can make the tasks easier.

You will learn how to put the strings onto your bass guitar so that tuning remains rock steady. You will find out how to identify and correct problems with your bass guitar that can cause it to go out of tune, when you are busy playing it. The book details how to get the action setup so that the bass guitar is easy to play. Intonation is dealt with so that you can make adjustments to your bass guitar so that it will sound spot on no matter where you play it on the fret board. Truss rod adjustment is also covered in the book. This isn't as difficult to do as other people make out and the book gives to full instructions on this important topic.

Part of having a great instrument to play is keeping everything nice and clean especially all the mechanical parts of the bass guitar and the strings. Details are given on how best to care for your instrument. If you play bass guitar then you owe it to yourself to get this book and start looking after it so that it will serve you well for years to come.

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June 12
Tim Vincent
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