How to Stop and Prevent Burnout

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Workplace burnout is becoming prevalent especially in healthcare-related activities. Doctors, nurses, and first responders, and police are experiencing burnout with a variety of symptoms. Covid19 is a major contributing factor of pressure and stress as hospitals are filling up again from the 2020 fall surge.
As pressures rise, temperaments flair. Emotional Charge builds up and is manifesting as physical problems. This ebook describes a technique that can reduce pressure, stress, anxiety, hysteria, depression and suicidal issues cause by emotional upsets.
Burnout is characterized by stress, anxiety, headaches, lack of sleep, fatigue, moral conflict, and many other symptoms. It is a type of syndrome; a declining state; a physical, emotional, and even mental breakdown at many levels. It is a type of trauma. PTSD.
What the reader can expect from this book: The author describes the symptoms of burnout, gives a history of emotional charge, teaches the concepts of emotional charge, teaches the steps of the technique, and teaches how to apply the technique to the issues of burnout.
A person can expect to be able to stop particular burnout episodes, (this particular episode can stop, many times that day) and over time notice relief of the condition, energy returns, and positive purpose and goals can be restored. Inner conflicts can be resolved. Positive emotions rise as negative emotions are reduced and stopped. This is observed results with the technique.
The author has PTSD, and since the discovery of this technique in 2009, has applied it to shock, trauma, pain, levels of suffering, and all negative emotions past and present. The author deals with pressure, stress, anxiety, hysteria, depression, and even suicidal issues of his own, even before Covid19. This is the only technique he uses to stop episodes and improve states.
Happiness can return. It is not lost, it is only covered with a type of emotional "mud". The technique is a "mud chipper", it removes the mud, and happiness can shine forth once more, enthusiasm can rise, and cynicism can lessen and even stop.
Now you can have a technique you can basically do anytime, anywhere. You can do it on break, or on rounds, or going to or from an accident, after a long surgery, etc. Now you will be armed against the negativity of many traumatic situations that affected you many times without you noticing because you were too focused on your job.
 Bless you and thank you for being there.

Health, Mind & Body
November 30
Stephen W. Barham
Draft2Digital, LLC

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