How to Think 10 X

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What this book will offer you
The book describes simple and effective ways in which one can practice "Thinking Big" in one's daily life. The book guides you to place complete trust in your conviction and be brave. Some of the topics that have been suitably explained in greater detail in the book are listed below:How to widen your knowledge base by expanding your network of successful people. Multiply your thinking 10 times. Think from a longer perspective. Ready to learn new aspects of life?How to have complete faith in yourself.There is no substitute for hard work. Go beyond daydreaming—toil hard to make it happen. Explore the new frontiers of Big Thinking. Come out of your self-notified comfort level. Achievers and big thinkers jump into sports regardless of being given a formal invitation. Accomplished people are self-advocates.The Whys and Whats of Our Big Picture. Define your why before you dive inKnowing the latest trends is key to your success. Stay flexible with your ideas, but be firm in your vision. Don't forget the importance of marketing and advertising when thinking big. Understanding the influence of thinking big. Motivation is taking action daily. Success and big thinking are correlated.
From this book you will learn how to:
Have an undivided focus on your goal. Mindset, more than intellect, matters. Stay focused on your vision. Big dreams are to be given due reverence and respect.Seek out help and the universe has a way of assisting you. Know your areas of control and limitations.Channelize the positive energies of the people around you. An accomplished person knows how to move on from a defeat. Achievers and big thinkers go for the big-ticket experience.To take the prudent direction of achievement. Have total faith in yourself. Applying your secret dream from "me to we" to make it a reality.Revaluate your strategy and adapt to change as you move forward. Visualize and Assess Your Assets.Take the first baby step and, thereafter, take one small step at a time.The book focuses on the following areas in great detail:What is the Magic of Thinking Big and Being Successful?How to Become a Big Picture Thinker. Get out of the box and generate creative ideas;Setting Goals after due diligence;Essential Keys to Drive the Big Thinking Process;How Big Thinking Can Lead to Success;How Big Picture Thinkers have limitless boundaries.
This book equips its readers with innovative and creative strategies to think big. Since these have been tried and tested by thinkers and philosophers, if they have worked for them, they should work for us. (Yes, I am in the same boat.) I am confident that these will work for you and me as well. Thinking Big is for all those who can think. It is not a realm of the matter solely for a select few. Thinking Big is for anyone who wants to think and act differently. So let us just start the process of thinking big as explained in the book and try to bring innovation into our lives.

Health, Mind & Body
September 5
Manjul Tewari
Draft2Digital, LLC

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