How To Top Like A Stud How To Top Like A Stud

How To Top Like A Stud

A Penetrating Guide To Gay Sex

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The First Sex Guide For Tops!

• Keep His Sphincter Completely Relaxed As You Enter Him
Say goodbye to failed attempts at intercourse because your partner couldn’t take the pain. This wildly clever method turns a well-known fact of physiology into a little-known secret to complete relaxation.

• Overcome Hygiene Worries
Learn proven strategies for overcoming the fear and revulsion of undesirable sights and smells. A popular chapter in this gay sex guide.

• Learn New Speed, Depth & Thrusting Techniques
Along with the single best angle to enter him for the most pleasure and the least pain.

• Discover Your Inner Top.
Learn how to overcome self-limiting thoughts (“I’m not masculine enough,” “My dick isn’t big enough”) that stop you from trying to top or from doing it successfully.

Be A Better Lover With The First Gay Sex Manual For Tops.
Stop thinking that all you have to do is get it hard and put it in. Good tops are made not born. Whether you’re a bottom looking to be more versatile or a top who wants a better experience, this book will show you how to give and get more pleasure as the penetrator in gay sex.

Express The Kind Of Masculinity You Feel Comfortable With.
You don’t have to act like a cop to be a top. Choose from a spectrum of possibilities you hadn’t thought of to have the kind of topping experience that personally appeals to you. Take the Erotic Temperature Quiz in this gay sex instruction book and find out your “topping personality.”

Generate More Passion By Engaging The Erotic Feedback Loop.
This book on male anal sex has plenty of tips to sharpen your techniques. But stopping there would just make you a skilled worker. Being good in bed isn’t about what you can do to him; it’s about where you can take him. While you can’t “learn” passion, you can learn how to set the stage to express it in your own unique way. That’s where the “Erotic Feedback Loop” approach comes in. It creates an energy spiral that’ll book your partner on an inter-planetary flight. It’s easy to learn and even easier to apply.

Solutions To Performance Anxiety.
Find out how to deal with these erection-killing thoughts:

• You won’t get hard enough
• Your dick isn’t big enough
• You will disappoint your partner
• Your partner will compare you to other guys
• Your partner will judge you and tell the world
• You’ll ejaculate too soon
• You’ll take forever to ejaculate

Keeping It Hard For The Condom.
There you are with a raging hard-on but the second the condom goes on you go limp. This gay anal sex guide shows you three of the most effective things you can do to keep an erection with a condom on.

How To Last Longer In Bed.
Premature ejaculation is the most common sexual dysfunction in men under 40. Use our step-by-step “Stop/Start” method to go from two-pump chump to long-time champ.

How To Stop Worrying That Your Penis Isn’t Big Enough To Top.
Read the Journal of Sex’s latest penis size stats for white, black & Hispanic men. After you get over the shock of how small the average is, compare by measuring yourself with a step-by-step guide urologists use to measure penis size.

You’ll Also Find Answers To Fascinating Questions Like…
Should your partner use poppers?
How to wring up to 10% more semen out of your ejaculation (a STELLAR tip).
Do guys with big dicks have more trouble with erections?
How it’s possible for tops to get HIV.
How man drinks can you have before you start having erection trouble?

Download This Gay Sex Book Today. Be A Better Top By Tonight.

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