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Lose Weight, Fight Depression, and Improve Your Heart Health!

Hypothyroidism affects everyone differently. Some people with this condition can put on weight – often as much as 15-30 pounds. Others experience heart palpitations – and even chronic depression.

Inside Julien Crets’ Hypothyroidism, you’ll discover the many symptoms of hypothyroidism – and how to live with this condition. Julien explains the dietary changes, hormones, and exercise regimens you can try – and even explains the connection between hypothyroidism and infertility.

When you open up this reliable and very thorough guidebook, you’ll find a comprehensive hypothyroidism symptom checklist. With this multi-page document, you can take stock of your family history, diet, weight loss status, digestion, and many other factors. Ultimately, only your physician can diagnose you with hypothyroidism, but this checklist can help you understand this condition – and give you the confidence you need to seek treatment.

Though most people associate hypothyroidism with weight gain and metabolism issues, this condition has many other symptoms:

Irreversible Weight Gain; Obesity; Goiters; Edema
Excessive Weight Loss
Depression; Trouble Concentrating; Slow Reaction Times
Erratic Heart Rate; Cold Sweats
Fatigue; Low Stamina; Low-Energy Afternoons
Difficulty Exercising; Trouble Breathing
Insomnia; Heavy Eyelids; Low Sleep Quality; Sleep Apnea
Sensitivity to Light, Temperature, and Odor
You’ll even learn about the limitations of hypothyroid testing – and why your TSH levels may not give accurately represent your thyroid health. Be sure to use a hypothyroid checklist and talk with your doctor about your family history/risk factors. You may even need to undergo a “therapeutic trial” to determine whether or not you have hypothyroidism.

Don’t spend another day worrying about your thyroid health. Get your copy of Hypothyroidism and start the healing process right away!

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June 20
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