How to Understand the Bible

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The Bible is the world's most popular book, but at the same time the most misunderstood! To many it's difficult to understand, yet the Bible itself gives us keys to understand it!

-- Inside this booklet:

-- Approach the Bible With a Proper Attitude

-- Keys to Understanding the Bible

-- In Their Own Words: Great Men and Women Who Highly Respected the Bible

-- Does the Bible Contain Errors?

-- Actively Read and Study the Bible

-- Seven Scriptual Threads for More Complete Understanding

-- Are There Mistakes in the King James Version of the Bible?

-- Bible Study Software and Online Resources

-- Live What You Learn

Religion & Spirituality
October 12
Lulu Enterprises, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Josfamgen ,

Very helpful!

I was looking for just this type of help and lo and behold here it is. Thank you Jesus!

Tennisgeorgepa ,

How to Understand the Bible

This book is the essence of Christianity.
One needs to not only read the Bible but to also carry out its teachings which can only occur with help from God Himself but also the Holy Spirit. Without Them, all is a exercise in futility.
We must also keep striving for continuing knowledge and understanding through everyday reading and through reading, insight. No one comes to the Father except via His Son, Jesus Christ.
Satan is very busy and, unfortunately, successful because so many try to "go it on their own", refusing to accept God's Word as the ONLY path to, not only salvation, but as life's blueprint.
We also must contend with the sins of the flesh and the wicked ways of the world, both always ever present, tempting us to disregard God's will and succumb to temptation.
Someday all will come face to face with God and we will have to account to Him with how we lived our lives. At that time we will be judged by Him as to what we DID and SAID about Him.
What will your answer be?

Andrey ,

Be very cautious when reading this!

I read through about half of this book and realized that the usual feeling of being lead by the Holy Spirit was not there. Whenever j read a Christian book I get that feeling, and it was not in this book...but I kept reading and found out why.

The publishers are the "United Church of God" (do a Google search and read some stuff on wikipedia for details). Basically they don't believe in the Holy Trinity, or that Jesus fulfilled the law of the old testament. Even though Jesus clearly states in Matthew and Luke that nothing you eat can make you unclean, they insist that the OT food guidelines are still to be followed.

All in all, there were some good tips, but nothing common sense couldn't provide you with. I'm glad to know that the Holy Spirit within me is able to guide me when I am reading something that is beneficial for me.

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