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“Who Else Wants To Write a Book This Weekend?”

It’s easier than you think!

Best-selling author Vic Johnson actually wrote this book in a weekend to prove how easy it is. And he gives you step-by-step detail of everything he did, including the resources he uses to turn out content-rich books in no time at all.

How To Write a Book This Weekend is a perfect strategy for first-time book writers who have been discouraged by the thought of pounding out words for months at a time.

Inside these pages you’ll learn:

* Where to find idea “factories” that allow you to “crowdsource” the hottest trending topics.

* The little-known secrets used by a 19th century Russian immigrant to sell over 100 million print books.

* The “can’t fail” method of choosing a title that makes your book irresistible to prospective buyers.

* A “backdoor” Google code that will instantly reveal a treasure trove of valuable research material for your book.

* The magic method that eliminates writers block and produces top quality content in a fraction of the time of other methods.

Please note: This method has had proven success on many occasions when applied to non-fiction books. It may or may not be useful for fiction writers.

What Others Say About Vic’s Methods

"Vic Johnson’s advice has added tens of thousands of dollars to my business over the past year. In fact, one of his ideas added over $100,000 revenue in one month. Pay attention to him and his material, you will be glad you did. Vic is one of the best things that ever happened to my business." - Bob Proctor, Best-selling author and star of The Secret DVD

"His first course that I purchased for $60 got me into the industry. I listened to it and wrote everything down point by point and did as much as I could. I made $8,000 on one site alone." - Roger Gauthier, CEO, Tri-Vision Global, Inc.

"Vic is truly a master. He took an idea, a dream, a vision he had, and methodically built it into a mini-empire. Vic is not only one of the most prolific marketers on the Internet today; from dealing with him personally on numerous occasions, I can also vouch that he’s one of the most honest, ethical and downright nicest, as well. It’s often been said that ‘if you want to find the diamond mine, first get yourself the best possible map.’ If your goal is to create a six-figure income via the Internet, then the map – in this case – has an actual name. It’s Vic Johnson!" - Bob Burg , Best-selling author of Endless Referrals and co-author of Go Givers

Business & Personal Finance
April 3
Laurenzana Press
Casa Di Fanelli LLC

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