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Struggling to structure your book series? Learn how to make a series work for you:  increase reader engagement and take advantage of the built-in marketing potential a series gives you.

Are you unsure which series structure is best for you?  Or are you several books into a series, but you’re stuck? Do you want to expand your literary universe but aren’t sure how to do it? Perhaps you have a series languishing in your backlist, and you need ideas on how to market it. 

Get the knowledge you need to make smart decisions about your series with How to Write a Series. 

You’ll learn: 


<li>The three basic types of series</li>

<li>The benefits and drawbacks of writing each type of series</li>

<li>Tips for extending your series beyond your original plan</li>

<li>Ideas for creating spinoffs and expanding your literary universe</li>

<li>How to know when it’s time to end a series</li>

<li>How to save time writing your series and how to keep track of details</li>

<li>How to deal with the problems that result from being locked into a story world </li>

<li>How to refresh your interest in a series if you’ve grown bored</li>

<li>Creative ways to market your series</li>



I’ve been writing for fifteen years as both a hybrid and independent author. I’ve published over twenty-five fiction books in four different series. Everything I’ve learned about writing a series has been through trial and error. I hope my lessons-learned will give you a shortcut when it comes to writing your series plus tips for troubleshooting problems and ideas for promoting your series.

Unlock the power of a series in your author career with How To Write a Series. 

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January 20
Sara Rosett
Sara Rosett

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