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Do you find writing a struggle?

I work with writing students every day who believe that they “can’t write.” And yet, they must write, for one reason or another.

My students include:

* Business people who need to write for their job: their livelihood depends on writing frequently, and well;

* A group I call my “at last” writers, who finally have time in their lives to write. They have time to write… and now they find that the words won’t come. It’s a cruel irony;

* Hobbyist writers, who’ve enjoyed writing, but are suddenly blocked. They’re disappointed, because their writing brought them joy. They have no idea how they’ll get the joy back;

* Professional writers who’re burned out. They need to write; writing is their business. However, writing’s become a stressful chore. They procrastinate. Their clients are angry. One writer signed a book contract, and by the time she got in touch with me, the deadline had long passed.

Try these easy exercises. They teach writing processes and strategies which work.

These exercises have helped many writers. They'll help you, too.

You CAN write. It doesn’t matter why you think you can’t. You can write, and writing will become easy for you.

Each exercise in this book helps you to write, even though you think you can't. Some exercises take under five minutes. None will take you longer than an hour. 

You can build on your exercises later, if you're inspired to create a complete work. For example, Exercise #4 - Tell Me a Story, often produces seeds of stories.

Use your intuition. Pick an exercise a day – any exercise which appeals to you on that day. Alternatively, write your way through them all. You can repeat an exercise as many times as you like.

Let’s get started. These exercises will change your writing life.

June 6
Angela Booth
Draft2Digital, LLC

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