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A step by step guide to copywriting that sells, in letters, mails and web pages. How do you make someone open a letter or email, read its content and send you an order?

How to write copy that sells ? This book provides the step-by-step guide for making more money with more orders. It is salesmanship in print : grab attention and make an instant sale. 

How to Write Letters that Sell is for everyone in direct mail and email marketing. It shows you how to write letters that are so compelling and so convincing that people hundreds of miles away will immediately want your product and be persuaded to give you their money in exchange for your product.

In this book, you'll discover : 

- How to avoid common mistakes

- The secret weapon to opening letters or emails

- The most powerful words to use in copy

- The best headlines - time proven !

- How to make your copy more readable

- How to earn copywriting dollars

- What drives people and how to use it to sell

- All the techniques that will make your reader act now.

Christian Godefroy is one of the very few specialists of the direct mail and email marketing approach. He has worked with Gene Schwartz, Rodale Press and Gary Bencivenga. He made over 1 million dollars in royalties with one sales letter. And wrote many other.

In How to Write Letters that Sell, he reveals the secrets of his success and shows you how to incorporate his winning techniques into your own copy.

Packed with information and advice, and dozens of eye-catching headlines and selling phrases, How to Write Letters that Sell is essential reading for everyone who wants to turn a simple email or web page into an effective sales tool that produces results every time.

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Cyril Godefroy

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