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Writing A Novel Has Never Been Easier!

Have you ever wanted to write a book, but could never get started?

Maybe you gave up after getting bogged down in silly plot problems?

You are NOT ALONE. Most people who try and write a novel give up or fail miserably.

If you need help writing your novel, you need look no further.

Publisher, editor and writer, Jim Driver, reveals many of the secrets the experts use to write bestselling novels.

He says: "Taking inspiration from the Pulp Fiction writers of the 1940s and 1950s, showed me how to banish writers' block forever. I also discovered the easiest way to create and plot commercial novels."

Know What Your Readers Will Buy Before You Write A Word

"Writing your novel should be fun and it can be easy. But you have to know how to motivate yourself and reach a point where the words will not stop flowing out of you."

How To Write A Novel – The Simple Way

Take action now: and see how valuable the information inside this short eBook (less than 14,000 words) is. You need solid information, not useless flannel.

I'm confident this will be the last book you need to read before you write your bestselling novel.

August 25
The Do-Not Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

writer of pulp fiction ,

How to write a novel the easy way

Found this book very helpful for us want-a-be writers. The author simplifies the things in writing that the new-be writers stress over!

Voice of The Author ,

Voice of the Author

Good read, more helpful then I expected given the book was free to download. While full of general writing tips and basic how-too information its presented all in a easy to read/ understand manner which allows for maximum efficiency and time well used. I have not read the rest of the authors work but am now considering it given the chance.

No doubt I will refer to the materials in this book in the event of writers block or as a quick refresher before beginning a new project.

bobisawriter ,

Did not finish

Basically a summary of generic writing “advice” you can find anywhere. Nothing special.

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