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Journey with this modern-day healer, as for the first time, she shares her wondrous and well-documented healing experiences with the world. Uncover how she did it and the nine real reasons people have pets. Imagine a life where miracles are considered as natural as breathing. You will see your pets, and your relationship with your pets, in a new light. This book is about remembering and relearning how important you are to this planet and all the animals on it – that you make a difference, and how vital your pets can be to this awakening.

"I searched around until I found Giselle, who is a true animal whisperer. My cat received immediate relief. Her treatment seemed to release something in my cat’s brain to tell him he was okay, and he started to use his leg straight away. I am indebted to Giselle and the magic she has with animals. I was thrilled when I heard she wanted to share her knowledge with other pet owners by writing this book about our relationship with animals, and how we inadvertently cause distress to our beloved pets when we really want to help. This information is long overdue and written in a language for all of us to understand. A must-have for all pet owners who want to care for their pets to the best of their ability and above all else, to do no harm."
Good luck Joan Winch PhD

Giselle Tonee is unique. Born able to communicate telepathically with animals, she instead sought solace with academic achievements in education, business and counseling, culminating in a Masters of Commerce. As a young adult, a second, more profound gift of healing emerged. The harmonious blend of her artistic, academic and psychic skills allows her to reach out, connect with and understand people and animals with exceptional clarity. She has appeared on national television and in national magazines.

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July 9
Giselle Tonee
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