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HowExpert Guide to Belly Dancing is for all dance lovers, especially for those in love with belly dancing. It serves as a guiding tool to learn the dance from the basic movements.

This guide is divided into eight main sections that teach the different aspects of the belly dancing, starting with the basic belly dance posture and then going through the belly dance movements of the lower and upper part of the body. Each section contains several sub-sections that guide you gradually towards the next step. At the end of the book, there is a review part highlighting the key moments that you have to incorporate.

Besides sharing instructions for engaging the upper and lower parts of the body, this guide also gives you insight into the basic techniques on how to move on stage and how to manage your choreography. All techniques gained from the sections will not mean a thing if you do not connect them into a graceful dance.

The key point of this book is to motivate and inspire you to learn, grow, and succeed in your belly dancing journey. Although some steps are easier and can be learned faster, others require more time and practice. However, no matter what the obstacles are, challenge yourself to become better with every new step.

About the Expert

Aneta Dimoska is a passionate dancer and dedicated learner. Her love for dancing began in the early years of her life. Ever since then, she has nurtured this passion and developed skills in many dances. Her favorites are belly dancing and Latin dancing. She has an affection towards all belly dance styles.

As a graduate of a sociology degree, she is in love with the Middle East culture and tradition. Her interest in this civilization expands through the years following the challenges that these societies are facing. Understanding this unique culture has made her connection with belly dancing even stronger.

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