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Staff members determine the success of any organization so it’s crucial to absolutely have great process when you hire, interview, orient, train, coach, discipline, and evaluate performance. Good HR process minimizes errors.
But how many managers have HR training? HR management is like any other discipline—it requires study of proper processes to gain knowledge, and then practice to turn knowledge into skills. No one is born a great manager. This book delivers “nothing but the facts”in 16 brief, understandable chapters. Each vital human resources area is covered, from analysing jobs, to writing job descriptions, recruiting, to hiring, interviewing, training, orienting, evaluating performance, to termination. You acquirethe knowledge you need quickly; it’s the equivalent of a 45-hour online HR college-level course without the 700-page academic text.

Includes links to more than 20 PowerPoint slide and instructional videos.

This book is written as a unique short course to benefit:
• business owners who manage staff
• managers, and aspiring managers, who wish to boost career advancement potential by gaining additional human resources knowledge
• post-secondary management program students (vital information and short!)
• anyone interested in an HR career who wants to quickly learn what’s involved
• researchers needing succinct human resources information
• staff working for anyone who reads the book and who applies its premises

Good human resources practises make everyone happier because people are hired correctly in the first place, they know how to do what they were hired to do, and progressive communication channels are firmly in place from the start of the HR program to the end!

Every business or organization that employs more than five people should have a human resources management program in place. This isn’t to say that small employers need a full-fledged HR department, rather that at least one person on staff should be educated and trained to plan and implement HR processes such as those described in this book.

Further, even though one person may assume responsibility for HR oversight, every manager who supervises any number of people should be required to study and understand time-proven human resources strategies and tactics in the interest of good employee morale and high productivity.

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June 25
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