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Longing for companionship, Huey was a big man, he never bothered anyone for his size. He was ALWAYS munching on something and sat alone in his apartment, playing some medieval MMORPG like World of War craft. His mother always said he was the best and brightest when it came to role-playing. Yet when it came to social situations, he never acted out this role. He was always immersed in fantasy, in books, in Twilight. He hung out at the library or in his room playing games on the computer. Any kinds of games were nice to him. He was a solitary man.

What he doesn't realize is that he can control his destiny... and since Huey has an intense and limitless imagination...he can render the fates to his will.

Huey has a thing for mermaids. And one day what would he do if if his dreams came true and he met one?

May 16
Coco Smith
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Tammicalot ,

On My Birthday!!

I don't know about this book but it was published on my Birthday!!

Noudles27 ,

Poor punctuation, grammar

I can't believe I downloaded this book for my 9 yr old daughter to read. The run on sentences, the poor grammar and punctuation make it annoyingly hard to read. Add to that the flow of the story was not good at all. Sorry, but someone should've proofread or edited this before finalizing this "book".

Eew 63757278;8)587 ,

Do not read

I do not like! 😁What?why I want to Unsee😵😫 that what is the point of the (spoiler alert) fin slapping the groin of the fat socially awkward guy and cursing why would he sit with her on the couch "the smelly mermaid" and then sower with her and clean her ? Was she really stinky or did he just want to see her naked nude😳😳😳😳!? the Poor defenseless Mermaid! Creepy😁 I wish I could on the see this entire thing.!!do not read this book

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