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Winner of the Mormon History Association’s Best Biography Award

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As one of the LDS Church’s most widely recognized scholars, Hugh Nibley is both an icon and an enigma. Through complete access to Nibley’s correspondence, journals, notes, and papers, Petersen has painted a portrait that reveals the man behind the legend.

Starting with a foreword written by Zina Nibley Petersen and finishing with appendices that include some of the best of Nibley’s personal correspondence, the biography reveals aspects of the tapestry of the life of one who has truly consecrated his life to the service of the Lord.

Praise for Hugh Nibley: A Consecrated Life:

“Hugh Nibley is generally touted as one of Mormonism’s greatest minds and perhaps its most prolific scholarly apologist. Just as hefty as some of Nibley’s largest tomes, this authorized biography is delightfully accessible and full of the scholar’s delicious wordplay and wit, not to mention some astonishing war stories and insights into Nibley’s phenomenal acquisition of languages. Introduced by a personable foreword from the author’s wife (who is Nibley’s daughter), the book is written with enthusiasm, respect and insight. . . . On the whole, Petersen is a careful scholar who provides helpful historical context. . . . This project is far from hagiography. It fills an important gap in LDS history and will appeal to a wide Mormon audience.”—Publishers Weekly

“Well written and thoroughly researched, Petersen’s biography is a must-have for anyone struggling to reconcile faith and reason.”—Greg Taggart, Association for Mormon Letters

“Peterson gives us due access to the man behind the scholarship (a scholarly biography now begs to be written), a man as real as any of us, though greatly more gifted; one who excelled in learning and teaching the gospel—an exemplary consecrated life.”—Don Norton, Maxwell Institute-FARMS Review

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