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Manipulation modes are the "factory settings" of Mother Nature itself; they are built into the structure of psyche of Homo sapiens at the level of instincts and unconditioned reflexes—meaning, inborn reactions of an organism to certain influences of the external or the internal environment. Manipulation modes are implanted in the unconscious part of human psyche since birth.

Any representative of the biological type Homo sapiens has 3 of these modes: suppressing, balancing and stimulating. Originally, they are modes of self-correction and self-regulation intended to ensure that a human could regulate the state of his psychophysiology and behavior from within himself. However, as it turned out, if you know natural manipulation modes of an individual, and transmit them towards him/her from the outside, then he/she becomes one hundred percent controllable like a robot-machine.

It is impossible to notice the influence of application of natural manipulation modes of a human. The influence bypasses consciousness and intellect of the subject of manipulation. No one is able to notice transmittance of natural manipulation modes towards him/her, regardless of his/her professional skills, educational level, life experience and intuition, as these modes are an inherent part of individual structure of human psyche. They are his/her own, native; what is called—"closer than skin."

Probably, the unprecedented power of this tool and its effectiveness are due to that it is a nature’s creation. Nobody invented or developed manipulation modes. Information about this natural mechanism and practical tool for managing a human are of a very archaic origin. Both were accidentally found by a Russian researcher-sinologist Andrey Davydov, while he was studying one very ancient source. The title of this source is 山海經 Shan Hai Jing (translated from Chinese as the Catalog of Mountains and Seas).

Authorship and the exact dating of Shan Hai Jing are still unknown. However, according to some experts, it dates back to XXIII century BC. The existence of this text has long been known. The ancient Chinese philosopher Confucius (IV-V centuries BC) was familiar with it, but prior to the discovery made by A. Davydov no one even supposed what kind of information is encrypted in this ancient source. However, despite that the researcher was able to uncover the secret of Shan Hai Jing and find out that this ancient Chinese monument is nothing other than the original "instruction to Homo sapiens," the description of a blueprint, pattern of human psyche—this source still remains mysterious. At least because it is still unknown who left the writings with this knowledge to people.

We think that it is easy to conclude from everything stated above that your favorite mantra "It is impossible to manipulate me" will no longer help you. Despite that your fantasies about being unmanageable will remain with you and just like before you will feel absolute freedom, independence and randomness of all of your actions—if someone will want you to, then you will twitch like a puppet on invisible strings. All that now remains in your power it to decide whether to continue being a subject for someone's manipulations or to choose the position of a manipulator. There is no third option anymore.

We are not suggesting to believe in that this is really the case. We never urge anyone to believe (including us) because we know that faith is one of the factors, which has a very harmful effect on human psychophysiology. We are offering a different life principle: knowledge. For this reason, we provided one of the 3 manipulation modes of people who were born on October 12th of leap years or October 13th of common years at the end of this book for free. This manipulation scenario is of their suppressing manipulation mode. Act out this scenario to people with these dates of birth and make certain that the Catalog of human population really exists.

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August 25
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