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Innocent young women humiliated in public.

This 3-book bundle features embarrassed young ladies who are spanked and taken in broad daylight by complete strangers. Here you will find:

Taken In Public: Restaurant

Eighteen-year-old Patricia is earning her way to a higher education by providing evocative services through the use of a webcam and computer-controlled toys.

When billionaire Dominic Grant offers her money in exchange for her body, she accepts readily. Raw physical desire consumes her and she finds herself surrendering to the rich patrons in a 5-star restaurant, pleasure licking at her very senses.

Taken In Public: Beach

Annie is on a much-deserved vacation a private beach with her new boss, a billionaire heir who seems to love causing her pain.

When she crosses a line with her arrogant boss, she is stripped and filled, then bound and finally left alone. She is abandoned, squirming in ecstasy, ready for anyone who happens to pass by the beach, including the many customers whom the billionaire boss had brought with him...

Taken In Public: Club Bar

Sally's lucrative new job in the private bar is to serve the billionaire gang of customers in every way imaginable.

She is humiliated when the men quickly take and fill her for the first time, right there in the bar. Soon, she is yearning for the large, well-hung members of the club, all intent on emptying their loads into her.

This bundle offers 3 unapologetically steamy short stories with alpha males eager to impregnate innocent, embarrassed young women in broad daylight.

Fiction & Literature
August 29
Daisy Rose
Draft2Digital, LLC

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