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From starving as a child and struggling to survive in war-torn Italy to building an abundant life around a passion for knowledge, success, and the finest foods.

This is the inspirational true story of Carlo Molinaro, born into a large, poor Italian family during World War II. Before finishing second grade, Carlo's father pulled him from school and forced him to work.

Having no skills or education, by the age of sixteen Carlo began his life in the restaurant business as a busboy because he would not only get paid but fed as well.

Diligently, he worked his way up the ladder to restaurant manager at a prestigious hotel. He was motivated throughout his journey by the words and guidance of his mother and an unquenchable desire to feed his body and mind.

Working at high-class restaurants and hotels in Europe, Bermuda, and the United States, he learned how to cook behind the scenes from the top chefs at those establishments. Along the way he discovered coveted secrets of the restaurant world and vital life lessons while preparing for the day he would open a restaurant of his own.

When arriving in the U.S., which he only knew from the Western films he watched as a boy, he finally realized his dream. Carlo opened his own Italian restaurant, La Trattoria, in 1982 in his new home of Houston, TX. Here he served classic, fresh cuisine while treating his customers like family, whether they be oilfield workers or former U.S. Presidents. He ran his restaurant through boom and bust for over 28 years to rave reviews. 

Now, he shares his story, life lessons, and special recipes gathered along his journey with his friends, family, and readers.

"If I can be successful, so can you through discipline, respect, and drive" Chef Carlo says.

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