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A killing so brutal it shocked the police and left the nation grieving, Hush Little Babies is the appalling true story of Darlie Routier, the neighborhood's most wonderful mom, who one night, coldly, calculatingly and brutally stabbed her two sons and watched them die in a pool of their own blood...

Darlie claimed an intruder has come through the window, fatally stabbed her sons, six-year-old Devon and five-year-old Damon, slashed her throat with same knife, then fled, while her husband and infant son slept upstairs. At first Darlie's heartfelt testimony evoked fear and sympathy in her safe Dallas community. Then police became suspicious after these troubling questions were raised:

Why, according to a police report, didn't Darlie make any attempt to help her dying sons?

Why, when she called 911, did she tell the dispatcher that her own fingerprints would be on the murderer's knife because she had picked it up?

Why did the trail of blood left behind contradict Darlie's testimony?

From the dark forces that drove her to kill her own flesh and blood, to the evidence that snared her in her own twisted web, here is a chilling account of homemaker, loving wife, mother of three, and cold-blooded killer--Darlie Routier.

April 1
St. Martin's Press

Customer Reviews

1118899553759 ,


This was a great book, very revealing and interesting, yet sad to read. My only complaint is that there are numerous misspellings and bad grammar. Many of the wrong words were put in the wrong places, sometimes making it a bit confusing to read.

mpdavidson ,

Good read

But was entirely too slow! Could have been much quicker to the main points.

MCW777 ,

Wish I hadn't bought the book...

I agree with the last review. This book seems to be trying to prove her innocence and I'm afraid my money is going to be used for her somehow. The author seems to believe her side even though there is overwhelming evidence that she is guilty. I'm sick of hearing about the sock. How can a killer lose his sock? Wouldn't a shoe be found with the sock?? It's all common sense. I think because she is still a pretty, voluptuous woman with a sweet voice, it makes her look so innocent, especially to men. I'm sick of hearing about the mother and her family saying that she is innocent when, isn't it a known fact that every mother fights for the child until the child actually confesses? It's all sad really. It's also sad that the author is grammatically impaired. You'd think that the author would at least have the book spell checked. It does get quite annoying and it makes the book seem cheaply made. If you are going to take the time to author a book, you should take the time to spell check and proof read it. I want my money back. Don't buy this book. It's not worth the paper it was first printed on.

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