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Game of Thrones meets Harry Potter…

Welcome to the sexy world of magic and mayhem—of witches, vampires, fae and lycanthropes.

This episodic, monthly fantasy romance series features all the characters you know and love from the New York Times Bestselling Jolie Wilkins series.

Never heard of the Jolie Wilkins series? Don’t let that stop you. This series serves as a standalone, immediately sucking you in and refusing to let go…

Episode 4: Hush Of Ruin

Sinjin Sinclair has one goal—to gain entry into the Abyss in order to find and protect his one true love. But getting into the Abyss isn’t quite as easy as he might have hoped and he’ll find himself traveling to Faery in order to request help from an unlikely source...

Meanwhile, Emma continues to try to understand who sent a killer spirit after her. And the one person who can help her solve the mystery just happens to be her incredibly handsome and sexy professor...

Pagan wonders if maybe going to Nyx wasn’t such a good idea, after all, when he finds himself her prisoner...

And what happens when Jolie suddenly feels the presence of her sister through their shared mental bond? Is it possible Bryn has entered the Abyss?

Find out what happens in the fourth episode of the Mists of Magic and Mayhem Series!

Fantasy Romance
Paranormal Romance
Vampire Romance
Witch Romance
Academy Romance

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
September 20
HP Mallory
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

1nmhunter ,

The abyss

Love Sinjins character! I really enjoy learning about stone! Ready for more of his story!

janabug29 ,

Fantastic book!

Another great book in this series. I am so glad that the author decided to keep this series going so we can see what is happening in the future! I am loving it! And the ending on this one!! Can’t wait to see what happens!!

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