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John Santorini has his hands full this summer and not just with Maverick, the wild and willful puppy he recently adopted. He’s trying to franchise his business, he’s got serious staffing issues, and his biggest investor still hasn’t committed to financing. But all of those problems fade away when a five year-old girl pounces on his puppy in the park and pronounces him “Mine!” John can handle a kid with a crush on little Mav. But he’s not so sure what to do with his instant attraction to her mother, a beautiful young widow who brightens his world the minute she arrives in town.

Summer Jackson has come to Bitter Bark for one reason: to meet a man. But the man she plans to connect with isn’t there. Instead, she finds two outrageous grannies who want to marry her off, discovers an extended and colorful family that wraps her in love, and crushes hard on a Greek charmer who offers her a place to stay and a job for the season. John may not have been the man Summer intended to meet, but his soul-melting kisses soon have Summer rethinking all her plans. He’s smart, sexy, sweet, and his impossibly adorable puppy is helping her daughter overcome her baffling speech impediment.

It doesn’t take long before Summer and John are dreaming of the happy ending they’ve both been denied. But then the past comes back to wreak havoc on all their lives, and Summer’s real reason for coming to town threatens to destroy this budding little family. Will John have to settle for a Summer fling…or do the Dogmothers have the recipe for romance one more time?

The Dogmothers - a spinoff series from the popular "Dogfather" books

Fall in love over and over again as two charming and hilarious grandmothers and their precious doxies make it their mission to marry off all nine of their grandchildren in spectacular, unforgettable, and heartwarming fashion.

Hot Under the Collar - Book one

Three Dog Night - Book two

Dachshund Through the Snow - Book three

Chasing Tail - Book four

Hush Puppy – Book five

And more to come!

Just like The Dogfather books, the covers of The Dogmothers series were all photographed at Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida, using rescue dogs from the shelter and "local heroes" as models. A portion of book sales is donated to that amazing organization!

June 12
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

Customer Reviews

Mpomper514 ,

Hush, Puppy

Hush, Puppy is the fifth in the Dogmothers series. While you can read it as a stand alone book, it’s nice having the background stories of the other family members. After reading so many books in first the Dogfather series, and now the Godmothers series, I am beginning to feel like I’m a member of the family! I keep thinking the current book I’m reading is the best in the series, and then the next book comes along and I have a new favorite. If you haven’t read any of the books in either series, what are you waiting for?!!

John is anxiously waiting to see if he can get the financial backing he needs to expand his family’s Greek Deli business. He would like to create a nation-wide chain bearing his family’s name. While taking a brief break to walk his new puppy, Maverick, in the park near the deli he runs, he runs into Summer and her charming daughter Destiny. Destiny loves, loves, loves “Mavvie” and wants him for her own. Summer is on a mission, and since she is a teacher she decides to stay with her daughter for the rest of the summer. Love how this story evolved, and you can’t help but fall in love with Destiny, who is shy and when nervous stutters and will whisper or sing like an angel so she doesn’t stutter. Can’t say enough how much I loved this book. Pick it up- you won’t be sorry!

angie1229 ,

All the feels

Better than a Hallmark movie for hitting all the romantic sweet spots!

ReadingOverTV2 ,

Hush Puppy by Roxanne St Claire

Hush Puppy by Roxanne St Claire

Dogmothers, book 4 which is a spin-off (continuation) of the Dogfather matchmaker series. Contemporary romance with all the emotional feels.
Always includes adorable dogs for adoption and generally sweet irresistible children. Not to mention firemen and pilots and singers and accountants. The whole swoon worthy extended family.

Oh, the singing contest! And then the dancing! So wonderful I was crying. It was perfect and so sweet.
Heat level low.
Love, love, love these heart-warming romances.

The last pages after the book includes a Dogfather/Dogmothers Family Reference Guide which recaps the two series and family connections quite nicely.

“She just stared at him, keeping her mouth closed in case something really, really embarrassing popped out, like, Why, yes, I’m in love with you. With each passing second, she could feel herself slipping deeper and deeper, like she could actually drown in how much she liked him.
He leaned forward, looking a little pleased with himself. “Ella said she and Darcy used to play with it [the karaoke machine] as kids and thought it might be up in the attic at Waterford, and sure enough, there it was. I brought it back with a few cassettes and…” He glanced at Destiny as one of her many giggles floated over to them. “I thought you might want to let her play with it to learn and practice coming in on time.”
“That would be…awesome.”
“Maybe perform for us or a smaller group to get her comfortable before Monday. We’re having dinner Sunday at Waterford, remember? Maybe that would be a comfortable place to try it. Maybe she’d like to… What’s wrong? Summer? Bad idea? God, I’m sorry.”
“No, no.” She croaked the word and lost the fight against the tears in her eyes. One blink, and it was all over. “You just went way past sweet,” she said gruffly, barely able to talk because her throat was so thick.
It took him a second to figure out what she meant, making him laugh softly. “I thought I’d already reached sexy.”
“Past that, too,” she managed. “Teetering on irresistible.”
He reached over the table to touch her hand. “I’m going to take that as a yes, we can let her play with it.”
“Yes,” she whispered. “And you can stop right there.”
He lifted his brows in question.
“Because what comes after irresistible is…”
Excerpt From Hush, Puppy by Roxanne St. Claire

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