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Vinnie Gallo's the hottest rookie in professional football. 

He's a smooth-talker, good with his hands, and knows how to score.

Bianca Hernandez thinks she's immune to Vinnie's charms. She's not impressed by the glitz, glamour, or fame, but after a six month self-imposed break from men and sex, she feels her resistance slipping.

Nothing will stop Vinnie from trying to get the girl—not a crazy stalker, Bianca's two older brothers, or the fear he's falling in love.

Hustle is the fourth book in the interconnected standalone Men of Inked: Southside series by USA Today & Wall Street Journal bestselling author Chelle Bliss.

Men of Inked: Southside

Book 1 - Maneuver 

Book 2 - Flow 

Book 3 - Hook 

Book 4 - Hustle

Book 5 - Love

March 26
Bliss Ink, LLC
Bliss Ink LLC

Customer Reviews

mgm0868 ,

Love it!

Beginning to end!

Romance213 ,

“The man looks like walking sin, built for pleasure.”

I love the entire Gallo family and it is impossible to pick a favorite, but I found Vinnie sexy and very appealing with his chiseled abs and confident personality. I couldn’t wait to find out what lucky girl would catch his eye and capture his heart. Vinnie never wanted a commitment until he met Bianca and she brought out his soft side and made everyday seem brighter. He is romantic, thoughtful, kind and takes care of Bianca when she is overworked and on a deadline. He was glad that Bianca didn’t know who he was and wasn’t impressed by his money and fame. She liked him for the man that he was, deep down inside. Vinnie’s close knit Italian family is something I can relate to and his nurtured upbringing has made him the man he is today. I love when he brings Bianca dinner, helps her with her writing, and always wants to take care of her. It is apparent that Vinnie likes getting his own way but with Bianca, he never pushed her and always treated her lovingly and reverently, as if she could break into a million pieces if something went wrong. I love Bianca because she is motivated, hardworking and close to her family. She is funny, has a great personality and when she first saw Vinnie, she found it hard to talk to him because she was caught up in his sexy hotness. She took her time getting to know him and even though he came on a bit strong, that didn’t deter her from falling for him. As they became closer she learned that he was genuine, fun, a good listener, caring, and was always there for her, which made her feel cherished. My favorite scenes in the book are when Vinnie stops by to see Bianca, shirtless (on purpose), and she is mesmerized by his muscles as he rubs his hand back and forth across his chest. I laughed every time this happened and I don’t blame Bianca for being in awe of him and his body. Their journey was uplifting, full of surprises and sexy moments, and one I will never forget.

Stefbme06 ,


Hustle was my favorite Gallo from this side of the family when I read the book, however now that I have listened to it, it just solidified that. Jason and Samara just bought this book to life in a way I don't think anyone else could have! This is story is full of love, chemistry, and smoking hot moments. Chelle, you have done it again! Keep them coming!

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