Hypnotic Writing

How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words

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Discover the secrets of written persuasion!

"The principles of hypnosis, when applied to copywriting, add a new spin to selling. Joe Vitale has taken hypnotic words to set the perfect sales environment and then shows us how to use those words to motivate a prospect to take the action you want. This is truly a new and effective approach to copywriting, which I strongly recommend you learn. It's pure genius."
-Joseph Sugarman, author of Triggers

"I've read countless book on persuasion, but none come close to this one in showing you exactly how to put your readers into a buying trance that makes whatever you are offering them irresistible."
-David Garfinkel, author of Advertising Headlines That Make You Rich

"I am a huge fan of Vitale and his books, and Hypnotic Writing (first published more than twenty years ago), is my absolute favorite. Updated with additional text and fresh examples, especially from e-mail writing, Joe's specialty, Hypnotic Writing is the most important book on copywriting (yes, that's really what it is about) to be published in this century. Read it. It will make you a better copywriter, period."
-Bob Bly, copywriter and author of The Copywriter's Handbook

"I couldn't put this book down. It's eye opening and filled with genuinely new stuff about writing and persuading better. And it communicates it brilliantly and teaches it brilliantly-exemplifying the techniques by the writing of the book itself as you go along."
-David Deutsch, author of Think Inside the Box, www.thinkinginside.com

"Hypnotic Writing is packed with so much great information it's hard to know where to start. The insights, strategies, and tactics in the book are easy to apply yet deliver one heck of a punch. And in case there's any question how to apply them, the before-and-after case studies drive the points home like nothing else can. Hypnotic Writing is not just about hypnotic writing. It is hypnotic writing. On the count of three, you're going to love it. Just watch and see."
-Blair Warren, author of The Forbidden Keys to Persuasion

Business & Personal Finance
June 8
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Customer Reviews

EricLW ,

Not good. Don't Buy It.

If you want to pay money to read something that only tries to sell you more of the author's stuff, then buy this book. I read the first 100 pages and was so disappointed that I felt tricked. I own a direct mail marketing business and have studied hypnosis in effort to increase the response rates off the the mailings we do for our clients. I expected to learn hypnotic statements, writing copy that is influential or at least read some examples that influenced me to say, "ah-ha, I could use that in copy for my clients and they would get better results". My business is successful for my clients and this book did not offer anything to make their products sell easier. This book is full of the author patting himself on the back for all of his accomplishments and he tries to use "hypnotic writing" to tell you about those accomplishments in hopes you will buy more crap like this book from him. Save your money for something better! I wish I could hypnotize this author into never selling another crappy product again to a hopeful buyer like myself.

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