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This Is Volume 3 of The Prophetic Book Series, I AM COMING. This Series Contains Urgent Messages From God The Lord Jesus, God The Father, and God The Holy Spirit, about the soon Rapture and Tribulation.

Some prophetic words from Jesus in I Am Coming, Volume 3 :

The time is now My daughter. I AM COMING. Tell the people to prepare. Tell them that this is a serious Word. Tell them to not doubt.

Tell them I am GOD, I am JESUS, I am the I AM.

My children doubt. This was predicted long ago, My children. I know your hearts toward Me. I know the excuses you make. I know how you are drawn to the world. I know the level of relationship that WE share. I know your disposition toward Me. I know where I stand in your life. I know how you think toward Me. I know each one of you. I know your comings and goings.

I know everything. I am GOD. Nothing is hidden from Me. This should fill you with such fear and trembling, yet you do not believe that I, GOD have such control or else you don’t care that I see your every move. I know all about you, your thoughts toward Me and your thoughts toward each other. I am saddened by the lack of love toward Me, your GOD and toward each other. I said the world would grow cold and unfeeling and she has.

We are in the last days. You want so desperately to cling to the belief that there are many more years ahead. Children, wake up to the truth, the evil is here now. If I wait much longer on this earth to come to Me, how much worse will it be many years in the future? My children, come to your senses. How much worse would the world be if I let this perdition and evil carry on for many years into the future? Do you believe the world will change for the better now apart from Me? How can it be?

Only I, GOD can create goodness in men. All that is good comes from Me. Men want to take credit themselves for any good in the world. How can this be? If men do good in their own eyes, apart from My Will as My surrendered followers, they are only trying to demonstrate that good can be brought through the earth apart from GOD.

My children, this is evil brought by the angel of light, My enemy satan. He wants you to believe you can have good acts without a complete surrender to your LORD JESUS. This is false and evil deception. Men want you to believe that there is good apart from GOD in the earth - and this is absolute evil from the pit of hell and My children you are falling into this great trap of deception in this late hour. My sadness for you is great as I see you falling hard for the enemy’s lies.

You do not have years into the future. There is only one way, truth, and life, and that is a full and complete surrender to Me, JESUS. I cannot allow this evil world to continue spinning out of control. You have misunderstood how much evil is in the world and how HOLY your One True GOD is. You have underestimated My HOLINESS and that I will no longer allow man’s evil in the world: the longing after the world, lust, sexual impurity, blaspheming the HOLY GOD and My Name, abusing and killing children and the unborn.

My Children, do you really believe that things are fine enough for this world to go on for years and years? You have tolerated so much evil, you have become so accustomed to it that you don’t recognize that I, a HOLY GOD, cannot continue to allow this world to run apart from Me, its Maker.

Prepare, Make Ready, I AM COMING!

July 10
Susan Davis
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