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Jake is born and grows up in a little town in the San Gabriel Valley.
He early on becomes involved with cars and then with computers.
He gets a job in Arizona and then in San Diego.
Jake then acquires a 1934 Ford replicar, which gets him introduced to Janice from La Jolla.
Jake’s car then gets him introduced into society and eventually romance.

In the morning, I pick Janice up, at her front door. I drive surface streets until we get to I-5 North. I get on the freeway and we’re headed to some sort of a meeting with a lawyer, that Janice needs to talk to. I drive until we get to the immigration stop. The officer sees two very white people in a hot rod and he gives us a thumbs up. I give him back a thumbs up and away we go.
Not too long after the immigration stop, I find myself followed by a Chevy, right on my back bumper. I wave the guy past, but he just stays on my back bumper.
I wait, for a bit. After a while, I find the situation that I’m looking for. There are two big trucks in the right two lanes. There are two cars, in the left two lanes, closing on the two trucks. I time things and then floor my accelerator. I get to the second lane, just before the car in the second lane overtakes the truck in the third lane. I am moving. I get past the trucks and then put some distance between me and back bumper boy. There are enough cars on northbound I-5 that I get some separation. I then shoot up an off ramp, braking, at the top, to turn my little car for reentry to I-5 northbound. I select the police band option, on my radio. Back bumper Chevy boy flies past, on I-5 northbound, doing maybe 100 MPH. A voice on the police band then says, “We got a runner. Black Chevrolet Monte Carlo doing at least 100 MPH. Another voice says, “We got him! Any info?” “Nothing, just a whako.” We pulling him over.” (The voice then reads the license number.) I have Janice write down the license number.
I then drive down the on ramp and proceed North on northbound I-5. I pass black Chevy boy and two police cars, off by the side of the road. I continue past the threesome at 65 MPH. (Good boy, good boy.) I then fit into the normal flow of traffic.
Janice says, “I was scared.”
“I was scared that black Chevy would wind up parked on top of us. I look out for my lady.”
Janice takes a deep breath, “What will you do with the license number?”
“I will talk with the people who run my company. I will talk with the people that I met last night. Chances are that black Chevy boy has some pending charges, back in San Diego. The police will seize his car and put him on the iron dog, back to San Diego. When he gets off the iron dog, the San Diego Police officers will arrest him, on pending charges. Highway safety will improve.”
Janice says, “You don’t want to get involved?”
“Not directly, just a public spirited citizen, making a crime report.
Janice says, “Okay, but it better be that way.”
I drive us North, to the join with I-405.
Janice tells me to take I-405 North.
I do as directed. I then drive North until I get to the turnoff that Janice tells me to take. I take the turnoff and then I make my way along surface streets, as directed by Janice. I eventually wind up in front of a real mansion. I park and help Janice out.
We walk up to the door and ring the bell. The bell rings quite a bit.
Janice says, “The opening notes from Beethoven’s Fifth.”
A Butler opens the door and says, “Ah yes, Miss Janice, you are expected.”
Janice says, “My car is in the shop, Jake gave me a ride up from San Diego.”

November 2
R. Richard
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