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If God can take David -- the invisible eighth son of a forgotten family -- and turn him into a king, just imagine what magnificent plans He has for redeeming your life.

David was born a number 8 -- a hidden gem, often overlooked and undervalued by everyone except for God. For David, being a number 8 seemed like a curse until the day God transformed him from the unknown eighth son of Jesse into the much-honored king of Israel. When God sends out an invitation to greatness, His directions don't always make sense to us. You may feel like the most invisible, broken number 8 out there, but God sees your hidden value and is growing you for better things. David didn't know it, but his time as a simple shepherd with a dull future did not go unnoticed by God. In David's darkest moments, he was cultivating the kind of gifts, wisdom, and leadership he would need to become a king. Even when you're an underdog in the eyes of the world, God is working behind the scenes to develop you into a king or queen.

Religion & Spirituality
April 18
Hachette Digital, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Elkner ,

“I am number 8"

It is such a good book! It makes you to realize you are not alone and know and trust God to find where He wants you to be. He accepts you and loves you unconditionally. I am number 8 myself and it made me feel much better that I am not the only one because of him.

KingTato69 ,

I have the physical copy but Thank God for this book!

I have been truly blessed by this amazing book and the Author. Because both are being guided to show me the way that I’m supposed to go by God! I’m truly blew away by all the lessons that are coming out page by page. I am truly blessed by this book and the funny thing is....IM ONLY HALF WAY THROUGH THE BOOK! Thank you John Gray for allowing God to use you to guide others. My step dad bought me this book before he recently died in September and it has such great meaning beyond mortal mindsets what is being unfolded as I turn each page. Please check this book out.

rebecca ziolo ,

God is Love.

Wow. I’m mind blown. Chills going through my body... this book was written for me (and I’m sure many others) this book was written for me. So many struggles and lonely times I have been through and I had no idea why. Contemplating thoughts that I could never follow through with because I didn’t know why I was going through so much hurt “alone” and thoughts of why am I still here...
I was an ugly kid, my parents never had much money and I was made fun of all the time. Buck teeth, chubby and looking like a boy. Kids asked me all the time what I was... I was a loner. Last picked for everything because I was and still am clumsy. Very naive as a child because of being brought up in a strict home and church every Sunday. At 16 I was taken advantage of sexually and kept it to myself, afraid to tell anyone and cried alone many times. I’ve struggled at certain jobs because I think people view me as a threat instead of part of the team. I’ve never wanted what someone else has.. only to better the world. I feel so misunderstood often but there is this burning desire in my heart that won’t go away no matter what... I’ve known for awhile now it’s God. I refuse to give up. I’m currently struggling to find a job. A lot of doors have shut in my face but I do know god has a plan. 💗 I’m anxious to see what he has in store. This book has only validated every.single.thing I’ve been through and what is to come. I’m smiling ear to ear right now. God bless this book and you. Thank you, God. I’m ready.

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