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In this thrilling one-hundred-page prequel companion novella to the New York Times bestselling I Am Number Four series, discover what happened in the aftermath of the Mogadorians' attack on Paradise, Ohio, from Mark James—Number Four's bully-turned-ally.

After Four leaves town to find the rest of the Garde, Mark is left behind to pick up the pieces. His school has been destroyed, his home burned down, and, worst yet, Mark now knows the horrifying truth: aliens live among us and some of them seek to destroy us. Even with the FBI tailing him and Sarah Hart, Mark tries to return to a normal life. But when Sarah goes missing, he knows he can no longer sit back and do nothing. His quest to find her will lead him to new allies and a startling revelation about the Mogadorians' plan for invasion.

Young Adult
April 15
Ninth Grade

Customer Reviews

Me5 :) ,

Incredible book

Even though I wasn't sure at first about Mark telling the story, the story is great!

Webwolf2009 ,

Fills in blanks in “Power of Six

The Lost Files #8 tells you what really happens after John, Sam, and Leave Paradise. It's told from Marks point of view, and it also tells how things went down when John came back to check on Sarah. It covers when Sarah got taken to the base in New Mexico... Much like all small books in this series #8 clears up more questions left by the main books. This small book clears up "The Power of Six" a bit more.

Becross ,


I really wish the author would just stop with these crappy little novellas and just focus on finishing the story. Instead of progressing the story line, though, he just wants to drag it out as long as possible and greedily make as much money as possible with this series. This is officially the last short story that I will be purchasing. The only books I will be purchasing going forward are the ones that actually move the story along, and I strongly recommend that all of you make the same decision. If everyone stops buying this junk, maybe we can force this guy to stop letting his greed guide him and actually continue the story that we all know and love.

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