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At sixteen, Ellie Boudreaux has it all—clothes galore, every electronic one could dream of, and enough money to buy a small country if she wanted to. Except that she doesn’t—having long ago paid a colossal price for entering the world of the rich and the powerful.

Living in a hell where she is forced into sexual submission in trade for her family’s continued wealth, Ellie is only fueled by one thing—her countdown to freedom. Graduation. It is the only thing that keeps her from shutting down. Now in her junior year, she’s grown to hate the powerful and despise the opposite sex. Nevertheless, she continues on with her farce of being Ellie the Popular—that is until Daniel Jennings comes into her life, knocking her not-so-perfect world even more off kilter, and effectively ripping her little façade to shreds. As she begins exploring the sweetest, most abnormally normal thing, she is shocked to find that her heart is not all black.

However, Ellie soon learns that happiness also comes with a price. And when the life of a normal teenager collides with the life of a tormented soul in the most unexpected way, reality comes crashing back. Now with another load far larger than she can carry, she can only hope that the weight of it all doesn’t crush her this time.

Fiction & Literature
January 21
Devora Goree
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TrueKarma93 ,


I love this book I’m so anxious to read book part 2. My favorite character is Ellie she struggles with a lot of insecurities and some dark secrets she manages to find love but has so many secrets that she need to let out to be free

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