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What happens when a book shy girl, grows up dreaming about her next-door neighborhood boy as her dream fantasy man to marry. Then she runs into him as a twenty eight year old woman trying to find her wild side. When Mary Catherine O'Reilly, Mary Cate to her friends, finally succumbs to her best friends wishes to take her life style up a notch, crazy and wild things happen. Crazy as in doing things a reserved kindergarten teacher would never think about doing, wild as in experiencing the best orgasms of her life with the man of her dreams in places she would never have thought possible.
When one man tugs at your fantasy heart strings for so long and then to have it happen for real, a girl can fall hard. Only one problem, when that man finally gets to fulfill his dreams of having her and is afraid to commit, he can find many ways to make her feel as if he just does not have the time now.
Throwing a wrench in her plans to get wild and crazy for one summer, when her best friend who started all this, ups and marries a man she has only known for twenty-four hours in Vegas. What is even crazier is the man her best friend marries, is her fantasy man's older brother. Planning a wedding the demanding MIL insists on throwing so that the marriage can be celebrated by the entire family causes irritations to rise.
Mary Cate finds herself in a tug of war, of emotions, with the man of her dreams. Can one crazy fast planned wedding bring them together again or will Mary Cate decide she needs a man that can commit instead of finding ways to go around commitment?
Inserts from book:
"No this should top your bold scale. I want to make you cum while you stand there naked, looking out at the city lights. I want you to stand still while I let my hands roam over every inch of your body. I want to lick you like an ice cream cone and listen to you whimper until you scream my name in a full fledge orgasm."
He raised an eyebrow and smiled with those darn dimples. "Believe what you want Mary K but I was there sober."
"Mary Cate. You haven't called me Mary K since..."
"Since I played with your hair back in fifth grade, on the playground. I told you there was a bug in your hair but actually, I just wanted to stroke your hair. It was always so soft looking. If those kids hadn't come around I was going to try and kiss you."

The ride finally started going and we caught our wits about us. We each seem to take a long breath in and then I mentioned how beautiful the city looked. One more full ride around and then we stopped at the top. We sat there for a bit looking out then I realized John's fingers were now inside my panties and starting to work their way deeper.
"Just sit there and look beautiful. No one will have any idea. You're so wet and hot. Focus on the city lights while I make you cum."
Then I felt his finger slide in and out. I felt the slickness of my excitement increase. Then a second finger slid in and I felt his thumb brush across my clitoris. In a matter of seconds my walls pulsed around his fingers as my heavy breathing stopped and every part of my body was excited. I focused as long as I could on the city lights then I turned and bit into his shoulder trying not to scream.

Fiction & Literature
June 20
CJ Hawk
Smashwords, Inc.

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I Can Do Stupid All By Myself

What an unexpected delight this was ! Loved the interplay between the young Gallagher player & the shy teacher. The push & pull of their lusty relationship was fun to see develop to it's expected conclusion ! A great new author to indulge in to relax & unwind....or escape ?


I can do stupid all by myself

I love reading the short stories. Once I started reading this story I couldn't stop. It was so exciting and funny. The only draw back was spelling.

Dickens1999 ,

I Can Do Stupid All by Myself

A nice little romantic story, but who did the editing on this book?
I noticed several instances where the punctuation, grammar, or the wrong word made the read a bit difficult.

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