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Raven Phillips is a good girl with an around the way persona. Recently graduating High school, she and her two best friends are set to embark on this journey called life and turn up in the process. Not looking for love, it soon finds her in the form of a outspoken, nonchalant, “real n*gga” Jermaine Towns aka Maine.

Jermaine aka Maine is an up and coming rapper, who has control of the streets alongside his brother Ant. Maine has always been the wild card, a shoot first ask questions later type of guy. Recently discovering his passion for rapping, he quickly takes off on the underground rap scene. Making him one of the most sought out Underground rappers. Swearing off relationships, an encounter with a feisty Raven may be the love he’d been craving all along.

Kamaya Phillips is running from her past, as she’s dealing with an ex who just won’t let her go. Her new interest Anthony is becomes a welcoming distraction that she’s embraced. With a persistent ex will new love be able to blossom or crumble right before her eyes?

Anthony aka Ant plans to retire early from the streets and help his brother reach new heights in the music industry. Being the HNIC makes it hard as everyone depends on him. While trying to figure out While trying to figure things out on the business end, his personal life is all over the place. That is until the beautiful Kamaya enters, bringing about a sense of calmness.

The saying goes, “what looks good to you, isn’t always good for you.” What happens when that bad thing has some good qualities that you just can’t seem to shake? In fact you start to crave it.

Fiction & Literature
December 9
Sullivan Group Publishing, LLC
PublishDrive Inc.

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