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The collected stories of the Dare Series are included in a single anthology for one low price! Five friends dare each other to commit a specific sexual act within a week, in celebration of the first among them to get married.

Warning: These short stories are suitable for 18+ only. It features explicit public sex, menage, f/f and anal play.

Stripper: Gina must strip for a roomful of strangers. Somewhat surprisingly, or maybe not, she finds she is excited about doing so. But the club doesn't allow the contact she needs to satisfy the unbearable desires she awakens onstage.

Biker: Mindy has to have sex with a biker, and she doesn't know any. She has no idea what to expect when their game of pool becomes strip pool. But she knows she likes it!

Threesome: Sherry asks her two neighbors to join her for her first threesome.

The Boss: Heather has to seduce her boss. The only problem is her boss is a woman.

The Waiter: Lacey has to have sex with a stranger. Luckily, the hot waiter who keeps eyeing her fits that description.


It wasn't as if they weren't hot. Her breasts swelled just thinking of Jared's round, firm ass and broad chest. Ethan was no slouch either. They both obviously worked out.

When no one answered, she feared no one was home. She couldn't decide if that was a relief or a royal pain. She had to have a threesome in the next two nights, since she'd put it off until Wednesday to try. F**k it. She could always just show up at girls' night and say she couldn't find two willing men to sleep with her.

Ha. They'd never believe it.
As she turned to hurry back down the hall to her room, she heard the deadbolt unlock. A moment later the door opened. Jared stood in the doorway wearing a white towel and nothing else except wet skin. Yum!

"Oh, I'm sorry to get you out of the shower."

His eyes had made a slow trip up her stockings, over her hips and landed on her breasts, covered only by the small triangles of black satin. Her nipples pebbled under his gaze, and his towel began to dance in front. "It's totally fine. Totally. Fine."

Fiction & Literature
March 21
Roxy Jacobs
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