I Died But I Got Better: How a Dozen Brushes With Death Transformed My Life

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"I Died But I Got Better" is the fascinating and entertaining life story of Lance Von Prum. He portrays his fantastic adventures in a humorous fashion all his own. His casual conversational style not only makes you feel as though you're at the pub together, sharing a pint, but will keep you smiling and chuckling to the end. His numerous experiences include almost dying or nearly being killed a dozen or so times and his humorous descriptions reveal the insight gained from looking death in the face and then having your life handed back to you. Lance's charming one-on-one style makes you feel like a part of the story as his clever descriptions paint vivid mental images that put the reader in the moment. Many of Von Prum's claims are near unbelievable except for the dozens of his personal color photos and slide images that corroborate his story. He says that you just can't make this stuff up and has no need to fabricate or embellish.

"I'm a shy extrovert. I love to make people laugh. I just happen to have done so many interesting things and end enjoy relaying my adventures in a humorous style that can make milk squirt out your nose, if you're not careful. And if you drink scotch or bourbon while reading, that really burns. So, be careful. I'm just saying. Countless interesting, unusual and weird events have occurred in my life. I guess my ADD affected every foolish decision I ever made, but it makes a good story! I hesitated to write my autobiography because it seemed so pretentious, egotistical, "Oh, look at me!" or that I'm making it up, like no one has done all of that stuff except Mark Wahlberg. The stories are true. A little artistic license may have been involved here and there, only to make the moment funnier. I want to make you laugh, so go read the darn thing, already!"

The book's subtitle is, "How a Dozen Brushes With Death Transformed My Life" which references the present, as Von Prum relays the wisdom gained not just from age but a series of events that allowed him to transform his life; transform from what to what is what the book is all about. His continuously positive outlook is more than refreshing, it is contagious! You cannot read this book without laughing, learning something about yourself and being a little bit better, happier person. Action, adventure, humor, entertainment and insight, it's all there. It's a "Must Read." Adult humor, mild, nothing really rude.

Biographies & Memoirs
April 11
Lance Von Prum
Draft2Digital, LLC

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