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Tom Gatses was diagnosed with Parkinsons disease in 1999. Instead of allowing this disease to take over his body, he chose to fight his illness like he has learned to do all his life through Martial Arts. Tom had renal failure and was on dialysis for 18 months. This book is a personal reflection of Toms triumphs and tells an easy to understand story along with giving key strategies to staying ahead of Parkinsons, as well as other ailments or debilitating diseases. This book exemplifies how the author stays focused on his positive attitude and daily living from the onset of his being diagnosed through years of struggling with P.D. as well as dealing with his family.

This book describes how Tom has developed the S.A.F.E. way of living, through support from his family, relatives, friends and doctors. Also by having one of the greatest attitudes of living with this disease to having faith carry him through it all, and in exercising not only his body but his mind as well which actually improves his symptoms.

After having Parkinsons disease for over 12 years Tom continues to remain in stage 1 of this progressive disease. He has a Masters degree in Health, Physical Education and Exercise Physiology. He is an exercise enthusiast and believes exercise is mandatory and essential to the human body.

In the past 5 years Tom has had 50 procedures and operations for fistulas, catheters, a kidney transplant, etc. He also had MRSA 5 times in 8 months. Because of his positive attitude Tom not only beat the odds that were stacked against him, but he continues to bike, swim, workout with weights and bands, plays golf and plays strenuous racquetball. He also exercises his mind by playing scrabble, chess, Sudoku, doing crossword puzzles and memorizes countries, States, territories, provinces and capitals of the world.

Tom has received a successful kidney transplant and is living a promising and fulfilled life with his wife Jennie. He has 12 grandchildren with more on the way. He currently resides in Homer Glen , Illinois.

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