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Part 2: Sequel to True Love Ways

'm not a psychologist, nor am I even close to being a psychiatrist. But I can tell you for sure that I'm a professional genealogist and have been one for over forty years. Like many others, this novel explores how fate and love come together for four different families in four different parts of the world.

In my novel, Adversity – Face to Face, the story studies love and rank and delves into a small community in Oldenburg called Rastede. It further follows the daughter of a minister of many years from Faith -Seventy Times Seven.

Okay, since I am writing this story, let's pretend I have all the training of a psychologist and a psychiatrist!

Do you have any thoughts about your partner? Do you sometimes ask yourself if they are right for you? Norman and Dianne never once had to ask that question in this follow-up sequel to True Love Ways.

If one must ask themselves too many questions about their partner, the relationship and future will not be based on true love. These two characters in the story don't question anything when it comes to their love. It feels natural to them, and they realize they can work through anything together to achieve the future they both dream of.

Then, let's look at Marco Nauman and his true love, Kerstin Hoffman. They find at the beginning of their relationship that one can't use love as a bargaining chip. One shouldn't tell their partner they love them unless they really mean it.

Then, let's follow Medard Barbier and Simone Wolfensohn, their involvement with the others. They fulfill the old stereotype associated with marriage. Men marry for beauty while women marry for money. While there are, of course, exceptions to this rule, there is truth to it when you follow this couple

There's one thing another couple finds in our story that is not based on one of my previous books but based on my life as an author. I have found that true love must first be based on friendship. Have you watched the Hallmark Movie Channel? Have you noticed many of their movies are based on friends who fall in love, almost kiss at the end, and then finally they do kiss and fall in love… all this over two hours?

It's a great premise and a very lovely daydream, but life isn't a movie on a flatscreen. One doesn't need to be best friends with their partner since the first grade for love to last.

But you need to be friends with your partner first.  You need to talk, share jokes, laugh, and enjoy each other's company. Over time, the physical passion might fade, but true friendship will last forever!

Again, I'm only pretending for a moment I have all these high degrees of understanding people or a degree in Psychology like my daughter Vanessa, but one love I didn't speak of is the love of one's own life. I stand in front of the mirror, just getting out of the shower, and grin at myself and say, "Honey, I'm looking good this morning! I look more and more like Sean Connery every day!" She looks back at me and says, "I really need to get me one of those magic mirrors on my side of the bathroom."

We must never forget that we need love, too. Self-love is essential, but it is not something you achieve and then throw it away once you are with your partner. One must stay in love with themselves for their entire life. If you ever start to dislike yourself or what you're doing, change right away and get back on track. Stay true to yourself… stay in love with yourself and the one you're with!

I hope you find the conclusion, I Go to Pieces, a great ending to True Love Ways. 😊

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