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A detective's search for his missing partner ends in a terrifying discovery; A man is harassed by monsters in his radiator, who threaten dire consequences if he doesn't convince his roommate to move out; Two college kids go on a road-trip, which turns into an odyssey through their nightmares; A man takes self-improvement advice from a creature living in a jug of milk; An auction is held for a painting that may be a window into Hell itself. 

These tales and more are all contained in this collection of 23 unforgettable stories that push the boundaries of what horror and literature can be. 

Recommended for readers who enjoy the stories of Shirley Jackson, Clive Barker, and Stephen King, as well as those new to the genre.

Fiction & Literature
October 2
Kristopher Kelly
Kristopher Albert Kelly

Customer Reviews


I Held My Breath As Long As I Could

I don't usually read horror stories, but this collection was recommended to me and I thought it was terrific. It's not all horror, in fact, some of the stories were touching. The horror stories were powerful and all were well written. I'd recommend this book to anyone who loves reading short stories.

Kevin Maine ,

Twisted dark comedy horror collection. An instant buy.

A twisted ride through the mind of a gifted author. The stories in this collection are varied, from demon dogs, to the bitter sudden end to a marriage. Bitter, dark and in many ways comedic, the characters in these stories are so well developed, the reader gets the impression Kelly has lived with them for a very long time. This is a great thing, because the subject matter is heavy and depressing lots of the time, but the characters and language used make it digestible and really keep the reader interested. Kelly is destined to become one of the greatest horror writers of all time. Don't miss this great collection.

Petunia2329 ,

I Held My Breath As Long As I Could

I got this book because it was free and I enjoy having short stories to read during bits of spare time. I found the shorter stories (under 6 pages long) to be completely pointless. They also ended abruptly with no real ending or closure. The longer short stories were more interesting but came to a close suddenly. I only finished this book because I never leave a book unfinished.