I Hope You Find Me I Hope You Find Me

I Hope You Find Me

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Publisher Description

Life for Riley ends when her young children die in her arms…victims of a global viral outbreak that claims the lives of everyone she’s ever known. Left to fend for herself with only a dog as her companion, she sets out on a journey to find others, leaving notes everywhere she goes…hoping that one day someone will come looking for her. When Riley meets the handsome yet mysterious Connor on the streets of Downtown San Diego, they form a bond unlike either has experienced before. When the things that go bump in the night turn out to be more than nightmares, the trio sets off for the mountains in search of an isolated resort where they can hunker down, away from the ominous shadows of the dead city streets. The peace and tranquility of the woods isn’t enough to keep the darkness away for long though and soon Riley and Connor are forced to accept that the World and the few people left alive in it will never be the same. The shadows of their past may haunt them forever…threatening to destroy what little dreams they have left of a future unless they fight to stay in the light and never lose their hope.

Family and Friends: The dog and I have left to find my Mom. Most of you know where her place is, the corner of 9th and F. I’ll leave a note there before I move on. Everyone here is…gone. I can’t stay. I’m not sure when or if I will come back here but leave a message anyway.
I hope you find me. – Riley

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
July 27
Trish Marie Dawson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

vtHAD ,

next 3 books

Where are the next books? eager to see where this goes. I see they are available on amazon, but I have ipad and am not messing up how it works by using kindle on it.

Annmric8 ,

It's a misleading story about survival for a few people who survived after a virus kills people.

A virus has spread throughout The world. So far only Riley and her dog appear to be alive. Her family is dead. She headed to the bus station and found no buses and more dead people. She leaves notes along the way saying, "hope you find me".
The story has no background information regarding how the outbreak occurred and how Riley was able to survive. Also no background information on Connor.
The story is mostly told from Riley's perspective but on occasions Connor's perspective will be inserted. Riley has a few past memories to share while she dreams.
Riley and Connor see apparitions or ghosts and hear noises. They think it is the spirit of those that died without saying goodbye to loved ones. This never gets answered. It's not only them that see the ghost. Everyone encounters the ghost.
It's a bizarre story. These two continue to travel north leaving notes at stops along the way. They have encountered three people so far. The two men that have met Riley look at her front top to bottom. It's obvious being a good looking female is not safe in this new world.
Connor and Riley lean on each other and have a blossoming romance. Riley is too friendly and too trusting. Connor is careful and more cautious.
It's just so odd that The world has fallen apart and most people died from the virus and Riley has three men pinning for her. Riley has not even grieved the loss of her children and instead has been excited at the prospect of living at the lodge and gardening.
Not sure what the importance of making this a post-apocalypse story because no information pertaining to how it began or why certain people survived are revealed. The story focuses only on those that survived. Too many unanswered questions.

Whizkid1950 ,

Worth a read

There’s some craft on display here, and the premise alone held my attention deep into the book. I would have given it another half star if that was possible. I think it should be classified as Young Adult as the social situations were handled a little unrealistically. Not sure who’s kissing who would be so paramount among people living through a horrific struggle for survival. Yet all-in-all a solid development of the characters and an interesting read.

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