I Just Need My Fix. God's Manual For Addictions‪.‬

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God's manual for addictions. Because God doesn't want you to suffer. He loves you. So read and learn. After all, God's people are in bondage because they have no knowledge. Gain the knowledge, and free yourself from the bondage of addiction.

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October 21
Free From Bondage Ministry
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Good and complicated ,

Very thought provoking

This is unlike me but I actually sat down and read this book without stopping. I intended to start it just to see what I thought and then maybe make it into a devotional type thing where I read a little every morning but it was just to good to put down. I've been among "Christians" all my life, went to private/Christian school for 7 years and married an ordained minister but I've never heard some of the concepts suggested in this book. To be honest I'm not much of a reader and I thought a few parts were hard to understand at first but rereading them a couple times helped a little. All in all I really enjoyed this book. It really makes you think and consider some different ideas. I'm still not sure what I believe about how long it took for God to create the world (which seemed to be a pretty important part of how the author explains and backs up his theories that satan is a spirit desperately seeking humans to act out his sinful desires) but I also don't think God wants us to focus so much on those types of details. As humans I believe we are limited in our capacity to understand exactly how God does what He does but I know He will help us get there one day. In the meantime I believe our relationship with Him is most important and I think becoming aware of "who told me..." is going to help me grow even closer to Him.

foreverdevine17 ,

I just need my fix

Hi, I would like to tell you that these writing along with scripture along with the Holy Spirit guiding me has been my saving grace. Forgive my somewhat scattered writings. I've been wanting to write, but have struggled with wanting my comments to be perfect,however I must start somewhere..late January I was in a terrible position with evil surrounding me. I feel like this story describes what I went through to a T.Its unreal. November 2016 I saw the devil and his Demons in some pictures I took of a huge Bon fire at a friends. It was very unsettling. These pictures even posted upside down no matter how many times I tried turning them around. I sensed something very wrong. from there through the months following my life proceeded to become filled with the devil and evil spirits. Everyone around me started turning evil and slipping away one by one. It was such a terrible tortuous time. I was trying to be strong, determined not to lose myself for my daughters sake.my partner had brought this evil drug into our home February of 2016. He hid it, but he couldn't hide the change in his behaviour. He became cold and withdrawn. I was determined to find out why. Eventually I found out why. Needless to say I ended up using with him,but a terrible fear and sadness ran through me as we began to use. I felt helpless and could foresee our future. As the days past into months I become more afraid and tormented as I tried to function on a normal level for my hearts.My daughters my life. I had been depressed for years. Using alcohol to fill a void that I've had all my life due to the lack of love as a child as well as abuse and neglect.iv always been strong willed and very determined to make it through life on my own with only my own thoughts for success. I hadn't been to church since I was around 12. So, many struggles many defeats later through the years to this. The worst drug in the world. I was strong, I was the last to fall in my group,but I was the only one to see the devil and sense something very wrong. Finally the devil came st me through my partner in my home. Attacking me tearing me down when I was already weak. To the point of me crying in the floor hopeless.i was no match for what I was up against. it broke my spirit and heart. I was determined not to lose my family to hurt my children.i couldn't bare the thought, but it was only me against the world of the "ice age". That night that I was attacked and tormented I cried out for god to help me. To show me the way if he was real and to forgive me for my life and to help me save my girls from the pain to come.. only the first part of my story of being saved through grace in the midst of chaos ..I will return to write about the following events that took place of a divine nature ..to be continued Ty ... OMG it is about me from the koran bible of Adam and eve. This is what has played out through my the past 7 months.

JKeyesAvidReader ,


This book is a great read! I read it thoroughly within two hours. Considering English is a second language, the author conveys a simple but profound message. I recommend this book. I will probably read it again, as I journey to overcome my addiction. Thank you! God bless your family, friends, ministry, and you. Truly AMAZING!

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