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The 9.8 million viewers of TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus Eight recognize Kate Gosselin as the practical mom of eight who has come into their homes for over 100 episodes of her family’s hit reality show. In this I Just Want You to Know Ebook, Kate reveals a grateful and faith-filled mother who only wants the best for her children and is willing to sacrifice to make that happen. The story covers the three years her family lived in their Elizabethtown home, a period Kate considers one of the happiest of her life. In it she discusses the individuality of eight kids (all under the age of six) transitioning from the chaos of caring for infants to the structured days of a home filled with budding preschoolers, as well as her thoughts on communication, everyday miracles, and providing a safe home. During that time, Kate discusses her family’s unique challenges from daily schedules to traveling, her need for control to learning how to be flexible, the individuality of all eight kids, how God provided every day, and her faith that held it all together.

Religion & Spirituality
May 4

Customer Reviews

Lawman95 ,

My thought on this book

I loved this book. I respect and admire Kate Gosselin in so many ways. She is always well-spoken and that shows in her writing. I wish that the hateful people who choose to judge Kate based upon false assumptions, lies, and ignorance would read this book. I don't see how anyone could read this and not be touched by her honesty, humility, and love for her family. Kate is open about frustrations, struggles, guilt, and so on. I cannot imagine the pain that Kate has endured from all that she has been put through. This book is beautiful. I find it inspiring and reassuring as a mother. Read this book and look at Kate and her beautiful children through her eyes. Her words reflect her undying love and dedication for her family. I am constantly amazed that Kate doesn't speak or write negatively of Jon even though he has put her through a great deal of pain. She is a great mother, great person, and a great author!

Oil Lo ,


She is an amazing woman. She has important lessons to share.

Billy Hawn ,

Good book

I loved reading this book. It only took me 2 days which is amazing in itself.

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