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In her mind's eyes, she could see Wes, tall and elegant in his tailored tuxedo with a patterned vest, black tie, and snow white pocket square. Her red Valentino slip gown highlighted her honeyed complexion and chocolate brown eyes. The gown also picked up the red in Wes's vest and the red in the rose in his lapel.

They were the perfect couple and it was show time. And she wanted to scream.

Madison Reed, popular talk show host and America's darling and her husband, well-known TV correspondent Wes Reed is everyone's idea of the perfect couple. Bute knows that after the loss of their child, they became no more than polite strangers, maintaining the façade, revealing only picture perfect happiness. But Madison's world is turned upside down when Wes is critically injured in a car accident and a woman is killed. Before he dies, Wes confesses that the woman who was killed was his mistress---and that he is the father of her nine-month-old daughter, Manda. He begs Madison to raise the child. Unsure if she can, Madison struggles to take charge of her fate and put her life back together. Overwhelmed, she accepts the help of Zachary Holman, her husband's best friend, only to discover that his life is also shrouded by lies. Can she forgive and forget---not just once, but twice?

Fiction & Literature
April 20
St. Martin's Press

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Sorry I have it! ,

Love Her Books

This is a wonderful story with excellent suspense. I actually had to read towards the end because I couldn't take not knowing. I thoroughly enjoy this author. This was the first book that I found to be a bit long in places.

One of my favorite aspects of her writing is that she knows how to develop a storyline with out it being X-rated. The romance is in the entire story of the couple's adventure. This book certainly lived up to this talent. Finally, I loved that it was a story within a story. I believe it is well worth the money and time.

Believer in True Love ,

Devoted Reader

I have read this book more than once, I just love it. I read it whenever I need to be reminded that true love does exist. Can't wait to find my Zachary😍

Bonenursepractitioner ,

The foundation…love, trust, family

This was such an emotional story. I felt love, anger, hatred, disgust, passion, and many more unnamed emotions as I read this story. I was at first taken aback when Zachary tried so hard to get Madison to take in her husband’s baby from his mistress (Manda). I thought, “What kind of person tried to push the mistress’s baby onto the wife?” I almost hated Zachary for that. But then when Madison took Manda, which made me wonder what Madison was smoking. I wondered if her grief had so consumed her from losing her own baby, and that she would recant when she came to her senses. But then I realized that it took a big person to do that. It took a lot of love, and especially forgiveness. I saw Wes becoming his father if he had lived. And the nerve of him to confess on his death bed, when Madison was not given the opportunity to deal with him.

But though it all Zachary showed Madison what it really was to love and if a relationship is built on the right foundation, then it is solid. And Madison was also able to love Manda in spite of the circumstances. And OMG! Gordon! I just loved him. I just love how he wore Camille down. She too had been betrayed and was afraid to love again. But he showed he just how good it could be.

But then there were Helen, Edward, and Louis, who thought that hapiness was based on money, prestige, and what everyone else though of you. Boy did they have it all wrong. Ultimately, it was money and prestige and the constant desire to climb higher that was initially the ultimate fall of all of these relationships in the beginning.

What a great story. Unfortunately we will never have the opportunity to get more from the talented Mrs. Francis Ray.

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