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Bestselling artist Jane Dyer and author Rose A. Lewis explore adoption through a mother's heartfelt story of finding her daughter in China.
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Book Description:How did someone make this perfect match a world away?
This story tells how two worlds come together to create a family, from a mother's first day holding her adopted daughter in China, to the baby's first peek at her new home. Based on the author's own experience, this book is a celebration of the love and joy a baby brings into the home.

April 30
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
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Customer Reviews

Mina g1na ,

I love you like crazy cakes

I love this book because it tells you there is hope. I also have read this ever since first grade. Every year I read it at least 5 times. I'm in high school now and they don't have that book. So I bought it and I'm glad that I did, so I can read it every night.

MKWick ,

Good, But I Do Have a Couple of Criticisms

There are many positives with I Love You Like Crazy Cakes. As the father of two adopted girls from China, I am drawn to stories that can help my girls better understand their story. I Love You Like Crazy Cakes is based on the author's experience of adopting a baby girl from China. For the most part, I like what Rose Lewis has written, and what Jane Dyer has painted. Some people have criticized the ending because the mother cries for the birth mother who could not keep her baby. My wife and I have also felt sad for the birth parents so we see no problem with this. One criticism I do have is that during the story the mother asks, "How did this happen? How did someone make this perfect match a world away? Did the Chinese people have a special window to my soul?" As I believer in Christ, I want to shout, "God made this happen. He made this perfect match. He has a special window to our soul." I also wish there was a father in this story. However, this is not my story. This is Rose Lewis' story, and despite my criticisms, I am thankful she has shared it with us.

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