I Steal Wives: Book 1

A Serial Adulterer Reveals the Real Reasons More and More “Happily Married” Women Are Cheating

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Publisher Description

No book has ever been written on infidelity from the first-hand experience of a serial adulterer, until now!

I STEAL WIVES is the only book to ever address, first-hand, the single most terrifying yet least talked-about issue crippling marriages in America today: Why women cheat, and why it is happening far more than anyone wants to admit, or even realizes. 

It’s not just a book of killer, salacious stories, I STEAL WIVES also delivers proven marital advice and penetrating insights, because the serial adulterer is also an individual and relationship counselor and former pastor. 

Over a 25-year period, as Mr. Erlandson had sexual and/or emotional affairs with the wives and girlfriends of over 25 men (and a few women), he began to see patterns in their behaviors and underlying thoughts and beliefs… stuff no one knew about. These hidden patterns turned into powerfully effective principles for changing people’s lives and relationships, which he incorporated into his counseling practice to enormous success.

This inordinately provocative book is the relationship version of: “How to secure your house,” as told from the experienced perspective of a professional burglar.

Most therapists, writers, and TV talking heads only blindly guess when it comes to infidelity, relying on surveys and third-hand knowledge. But, Mr. Erlandson has both seen and experienced adultery, first-hand, from all three sides of the love triangle. He not only cheated with the wives of other men/women and witnessed it among his clients, but was cheated on by both of his ex-wives, and cheated on one of them. 

Nearly all relationship books focus on changing behaviors, which temporarily fixes the symptoms but rarely cures the real problems. I STEAL WIVES dives into the core beliefs that drive the behaviors, which is the only real hope for lasting change.

He now offers those stories and principles to the male reader as a way to understand what’s really going on with your wife or girlfriend, because what most men read in magazines or hear on TV or from therapists…isn’t the truth! There’s a reason most men hate going to therapists, and Mr. Erlandson gets it. Brilliantly written, I STEAL WIVES is the first book on relationships ever written for men, in male voice, with guy stories, that doesn’t treat men like relationship idiots or imply that how they think and feel is childlike or malformed – ‘woman good, man dumb.’ 

Imagine sitting at a bar, 3 beers down, talking relationships with the coolest therapist, who is former military and NCAA head strength coach, a former emergency room chaplain, who swears (a LOT!), laughs, and tells salty-as-hell stories, but you still respect because he nails you between the eyes with his insights and advice. That guy is Sven. This book is his 3-beers conversation with you.

About the Author:

Sven Erlandson, M.Div., was the first person to ever delineate and name the spiritual but not religious (SBNR) movement, long before it hit critical mass in America; called the father of the SBNR movement. He is former SERE-trained military and NCAA Head Strength Coach, as well as a former airline trauma counselor. He has streaked across a Major League Baseball field in the top of the 9th, lectured at the graduate and undergraduate levels, been homeless in California and Minnesota winters, authored several books on the intersection of spirituality and religion/politics/athletics, and worked with thousands of individuals and couples over the past 20 years as a pastor and counselor. Previous books include: Spiritual but not Religious, Rescuing God from Christianity, The 7 Evangelical Myths, and Badass Jesus: The Serious Athlete and a Life of Noble Purpose.

July 12
Black Bear Press
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