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She was an innocent Mormon girl. He was America's most notorious serial killer. When their paths crossed on a quiet autumn afternoon, he planned to kill her.  But this victim had an incredible will to survive and would live to tell her story nearly three decades after he met death in a Florida electric chair.

Ted Bundy brutally attacked Rhonda Stapley in a secluded Utah canyon in 1974. She miraculously escaped and hid her dark secret until now. This compelling real story of triumph over tragedy is both shocking and inspiring and told with the true courage of a victim turned survivor.  (Foreword by Ann Rule)

When she appeared on his show, Dr. Phil McGraw told Rhonda, "This book will save lives."

April 26
Galaxy-44 Publishing, LLC
Planet Ann Rule, LLC

Customer Reviews

Grandcanyonstatepark ,


As a female who has lived in Tallahassee for many decades, I found it eye-opening to learn what Ted Bundy‘s victims actually had to endure. Rhonda story of survival was miraculous.

Imagator ,

I survived Ted Bundy

I too read everything that was written. I remember like it was yesterday. Even though I'm a florida native what he did on the FSU campus floored me. All the murders made me think I can't believe he got away with so much. They were all so sad but the killing of the younger ones really made me mad. I remember when they executed him and I was so happy that he would burn in hell for eternity and for those who survived, GOD BLESS YOU.

Edmond500 ,

Not the best

This book was ok. It's interesting from the point of view that she's a surviving victim, but the ptsd parts are repetitive and long. I skipped through most of the last third of the story.
I feel terrible for her pain and suffering and wish she would have come forward, for herself and the others.