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The beginner’s pet care manual for children intrigued by these gentle, friendly lizards. Written by pet writing duo Tristan Pulsifer and Jacquelyn Elnor Johnson, co-authors of the popular I Want A Pet series for readers age 8 to 12. A lively, practical and fun how-to for kids about how to give loving, responsible care to this fascinating new family pet!
What makes the Bearded Dragon the best pet lizard?
Find out in this book for children and first-time pet owners that tells you what it’s really like to have a pet Beardie, how to get one and how to care responsibly for your new pet.
If your child (or the kids in your classroom) are longing for a frisky and friendly pet lizard, the bearded dragon is the best reptile pet lizard for children who are fascinated by animals and the natural world.
Bearded dragons are friendly, safe and enjoy being handled. And once you have their home properly set up, they’re relatively easy to care for and keep healthy and happy!
This fun pet book teaches the basics of responsible pet care and how to enjoy your new pet safely.
Beardies love to hang out with people. Kids as young as eight or nine can care for a pet Beardie, with just a bit of guidance from a parent or teacher.
Readers will learn:
•Why Beardies make great pets
•Who will love having a Bearded Dragon and why
•Where and how to get your Beardie
•What to look for to be sure you get a healthy pet
•Exactly what a Beardie needs to be healthy and happy
Answers to the questions parents or teachers ask about having a pet Beardie
Also included is a SPECIAL CHAPTER – What to name your Beardie
If the child (or children) in your life really want a pet lizard, this is the book about responsible pet care to give them!
I Want a Bearded Dragon is the 2nd book in the series Best Pets for Kids from Crimson Hill Books and promotes loving and responsible pet ownership and good care for healthy, happy pets and their families.
For ages 8 to 12 and/or Grades 4 and up.
A Chapter Book, fully Illustrated with 29 Colour Photographs.
Suitable for libraries, home school and classroom teachers who want to build kids word power.

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June 25
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