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New 2020 Edition - Now the Top-Selling leopard gecko care book for kids!

Is your child begging for an unusual pet? Do the children in your class long for a tank pet that’s interesting, fun and easy to care for?

Little leos are cute, gentle, fun and fascinating to get to know! They don’t need a lot of attention or care. Kids as young as eight or nine can learn to give good care to their pet leopard gecko, with just a bit of supervision from parents or teachers.

And adults appreciate that leos are clean, quiet and hardy.

This chapter book tells young readers ages 8 to 12 (or grades 3 to 7) just what it’s like to have a pet leo and keep them safe, healthy and happy in your home or classroom.

Readers learn:

Who will love having a little leo, and why
Where and how to adopt a leopard gecko
What to look for to be sure you get a healthy pet
What geckos eat – and what you should never, ever feed them
What your gecko wants and needs in his or her new home
Surprising and fascinating things that only geckos can do
Answers to the questions parents, grandparents or teachers ask about having a pet gecko
Ideas for what to name a pet leopard gecko

If the child (or children) in your life really wants or want a pet lizard, here’s the book about responsible pet care to give them first!

Chapter pet lizard book for children and teens

Includes 28 Color Photos

Best Pets for Kids pet books for grade four and up readers

Available in ebook, print and hardcover, for schools and libraries.

Young Adult
March 13
Crimson Hill Products Inc.
Ingram DV LLC
Grades 4-6

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