I Want to Write for Vanity Fair I Want to Write for Vanity Fair

I Want to Write for Vanity Fair

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How does one survive during times of crisis, all without demoralising oneself and without giving up on those little things in life which turn the ordinary into the extraordinary? In comes Emma T., where T. stands for Travet, a rather common surname and which has nothing to do with Emma Thompson. She is 26-years old and she lives in Italy in a small town near Turin which has been hit by the automobile crisis and where one of Europe’s first gay bars was opened. By day she works as a journalist who is overworked by her boss, Mr Vintage (so called not because he is cool, but because his outmoded clothes smell of mothballs, just like his thoughts). Waking up each morning (Saturdays included) is not exactly a dream come true. It would be infinitely better to write for Vanity Fair, to which she has been sending her CV each week for the past 2 years. Sooner or later, she’s sure someone is going to reply, even if only from mere exhaustion.

In the meantime, she continues to write for The Voice of Monviso and for a magazine read by the young adults of the area, New Mag. To make ends meet, she somtimes works as a copy writer (dressed a-l-w-a-y-s in black) or takes artistic-glamorous photographs of her grandmother, Olga Dionigia (her favourite model), whom she features in shoots styled by her good friend Wolfgango, and which she then sells to an English magazine who loves these contemporary snapshots. A dreamer who is a careful spender, she affronts her everyday life with a healthy dose of irony and inventiveness, balancing her time between her husband, family, friends both new and old and her ultra-flexible job. And whilst she bakes articles on local fairs and conducts interviews with obscure personalities, she dreams of writing forVanity Fair. Will our heroine manage to step into the Vanity’s editor-in-chief’s office?

This is the story of just one of the many ordinary young damsels out there whom, in between one adventure and the next, chases her dreams armed with plenty of determination and incurable optimism. Her style is fresh and dynamic, almost diary-like, and features snapshots and situations drawn from her everyday and which are described through the eyes of someone who defines herself as ‘precarious, yes, but with style.’

Fiction & Literature
January 13
Emma Travet
Draft2Digital, LLC

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