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Told by a stewardess who flew for Pan American Airways for 16 years. From Japan's post-war survival to Pan Am's training school in Florida and around the world, this book covers the1960's and '70's jet-set lifestyle, Pan Am's rise and fall, celebrity and stewardesses stories, all told from an insider's point of view.


Pan Am's stewardesses were called 'Princesses of the Sky'. The TV show 'Pan Am' did not exaggerate the luxury, fun and excitement that the young women had flying for company called 'The Empire of the Sky'. This book captures both the flying history and pop-culture of that era, told by a young post-war Japanese woman thrown into that glamorous whirlwind lifestyle.


The 77 Chapters include: The Reckless Genius, Move Star Passengers, Japan's Cast System, Lindbergh's Waitress Date, Roosevelt Meets Churchill, My Blind Date in London, The Nerve Gas Attacker, Merv Griffin Steals My Shrimp, Employees Invade First Class, Yoko and Jackie, Jaun Trippe's Last Flight, Marilyn Monroe's Honeymoon, Pan Am Goes to War, A Bond Girl's Threat, The Shogun Writer, and more.


About the author:

Fumiko Takahashi earned her Masters Degree from Columbia University in New York while actively flying for Pan Am. She is the author of 12 books in Japanese. This is her first memoir in English. Recently she helped promote the Pan Am TV series in Japan with appearances on TV and live shows.

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October 31
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Paul Kyriazi

Customer Reviews

Paul Kyriazi ,

Lots of celebrity stories in this memior.

The writer points out that real Pan Am stories were just as wild, funny and elegant as the Pan Am TV series. The Steve McQueen story at the beginning is funny. The book is light on history, but enough to understand the rise and fall of Pan Am, and long on stewardesses dating, traveling and living the VIP life. That kind of glamour in flying, for both flight attendants and passengers, is now gone with the jet steam.